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2014 email book is opened and Monks keep you in our prayers so that you do well in your New Year email endeavor. You must have expanded efforts for building up a hygienic email list, immaculate email design and an engaging live content. Furthermore, have you planned your email marketing calendar?

Certainly, not a new jargon and nothing to worry about it! It’s same like our old school calendars, where we used to get an entire list of syllabus to be covered during a semester. We used to know the various topics that were to be covered in the semester, a lot earlier than actually we used to study them in the classrooms.

Likewise, as email marketers you need to prepare your email marketing calendar with various email campaigns that you desire to schedule. Here are a few simple steps to do it successfully:

1.) A calendar for your audience

Before spreading your campaigns across the year, spread your audience. Analyze the various datasets and email lists you have and spread them across the year. Followed by this, decide on the kind of email frequency you want to set against each of these email lists. Once you set the frequency, make sure you fix the dates when the same set of list is to be approached. Consider Jan-June as semester 1 and July-Dec as semester 2.

Target Audience Clients Newsletter Subscribers Social Followers Prospects
Email Frequency March – TwiceMay – ThriceJuly – OnceSeptember – Thrice November – Twice

December – Once

Once a month Feb – OnceApril – ThriceJune – TwiceAugust – Once

October – Once

December – Thrice

Once a month
Specific Dates 12th 20th March2nd 14th 22nd May 26th of every month 3rd Feb9th 17th 29th April 4th of every month

2.) A calendar for your campaigns

Once you set up the email frequencies and decide who’s to be approached when during the entire year, plan out your email campaigns. Break the email campaigns into promotional emails, holiday emails, informational emails, follow up emails and more. Match specific campaigns with the specific target audience and corresponding frequencies.

Your campaigns could be New Product Launch Email, Infographic, Workplace Story, Discount Email, Introductory Email, Reminder Email, Boxing Day or Christmas Email and anything in that range. Check out what you want to cover in first semester and take the remaining course over the second semester. You also need to check the country specific holiday calendar to make your emails in line with the holidays. Once you plan your campaigns, get going with the designing and content calendars.

3.) Design, content and coding calendar

That’s easy and the last thing on the school curriculum. However, this course is vital and not learning it by heart will not let you pass the exam. Well, jokes apart. Once you are through with one year of your email marketing roadmap, start developing the design and content calendar for the campaigns planned. While planning a design and content calendar, consider the campaign coding and integration time over the designing time.

Summing it all up, your final email marketing calendar for two semesters (JAN-JUNE) / (JULY-DEC) should cover Target Audience, Email Frequency, Month and Date of Campaign Execution, Campaign Details, Design, Content and Coding deadlines to meet the calendar. Get it done and clear the exams with a distinction.

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