Email Marketing: It evolved from Gary’s mass email model to real time predictive emailing!

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Monks in the monastery have time and again come up with interesting knowledge base helpful for the email marketing fraternities globally. This post will walk you through the email marketing divine journey and its evolution over time.

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing channels with increased reach and frequency. Email Marketing has gained different shape and steadily evolved adapting to the new technological advancement.

It was before 42 years that the first email was sent. Ever since then, the ability to send personalized emails changed drastically.

Here is the journey that Email Marketing witnessed over so many years:

1. Batch and Blast:

Initially, when email marketing embarked on its journey in 1971-1978, marketers used to adapt to mass mailing using a unhygienic email list. Emails were sent without any prior permission and moreover they didn’t adapt to personalization.  There was no relevancy and email marketing was all about the offer than the recipient.

2. Spray and Pray:

Email Marketers during the period of 1991-1998 tried and tested several email marketing ways and different approaches worked differently based on the three important breakthroughs like Smartphones, Internet and initialization of SPAM. Techniques like email opt-in and opt-out came into existence.

3. Relevancy:

Since 2003, Email marketing evolved and became more stringent with robust rules from the ISPs and Can-Spam act watching every small move of email marketers. Due to this, email marketers resorted to email list segmentation and started sending relevant emails differently to different group of people. Email marketers also understood the importance of domain reputation and the repercussions of banned domain.

4. Dynamic Content:

Dynamic Content allows email marketers to send real time email messages depending upon the subscribers’ preferences. Here, email marketers have started sending targeted messages to the list based on their permission. The content varies real time based on the location of the buyer or a prospect, past behaviour of buyer etc. Real time data also helped the markets to send emails based on the subscriber’s device, time zone etc. Dynamic content or adaptive content is typically an email body that changes based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer or subscriber. All that was needed to come to such an evolution was information, data, smart content generator and the past insights.

5. Predictive Emailing:

Since 2012, with an advance in technology, more marketers have started analyzing their subscriber behaviour and devised email campaigns based on the predictive intelligence. Email marketers use website clicks, past behaviour and other analytics based on the past campaigns to come up with a subscriber specific email campaign for the future.

Summing up, email marketing is growing and mounting with the crack of every new dawn. Marketers are shifting from mass emailing that was sent initially in 1978 by Gary Thuerk to personalized triggered driven marketing messages that help reduce the unsubscribe rate and increase the effectiveness of the email campaign.

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