Email Marketing still has an upper hand over Social Media! Here’s why?

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Social Media is all through the roof when it comes to the consumer engagement! Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook following has now exceeded the one billion user mark whereas other popular channels like Twitter and Linked are on a verge of exhaustion with more than 200 million users worldwide turning to these networks monthly.

These stats are vital but when it comes to revenue growth of the organizations, much of it is still coming from the Email Marketing which explicates that Email Marketing isn’t obsolete.

Email is that big tree that would attract most woodmen’s axe. With a lion’s share of revenue email is still dominating the web. ROI from social media just account for roughly 2% compared to a 17% from Email Marketing. A 2011 report revealing that email marketing returned on average R40 (US$4.5) for every R1 (US$0.11) spent. For 2012, the Direct Marketing Association in the United States forecasts email marketing to account for approximately US$67.8-billion in sales.

Apart, Email marketing can target the customers more precisely than social media. While Social Media is limited to segment the users according to the gender, age and location, Email goes a step further and incorporates past interactions from the centralized CRM systems, purchase history, loyalty etc and can target customers more specifically with adaptive content.

While social media messages do not establish authenticity, an email instead will be trustworthy and get a quicker response. Though there are many people online on facebook and twitter all day long, only 10-15% of selected audiences are exposed to messages by Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. PPC campaigns can however help grow your reach but that comes with an additional cost. Email is cost effective and has 100% reach of course; the deliverability needs to be accurate.

Social Media is time consuming. The response rate on a social media post or tweet is comparatively slower than email. Moreover, even in cases where the content goes viral, it’s difficult to track the individual respondents unlike email addresses. It is legally much ethical to connect to a person on email as well.

Contrary to social media, efforts in email marketing are easily measurable and with no text or character limitation.

Social Media is certainly a part of marketing gimmick however; ruling out email isn’t viable due to its wider reach, larger acceptance, quick response and a lion’s ROI.

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