Email Marketing Subscription Form: Make it beautiful, simple and a Shangri-la

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Most marketers crave to use email marketing campaigns to promote and inform their subscribers about the new products, services and more. Marketers try to effectively do this through list building.

They build such subscriber list through subscription forms on the website, social pages etc. They use creative list building techniques like premium content give away in the form of whitepapers, infographics etc.

So, how should this subscription form be designed to ensure that is is simple, beautiful and a total Shangri-la? Talking about the subscription forms, email marketers are often bedeviled between using of lengthy forms that can separate out the hottest leads against the short forms encouraging more subscriptions.

The lengthy subscription form is designed to capture entire information of the subscriber like Name, Email, Designation, Contact Number, Company Name, Company Size etc. This will ensure complete information of the subscriber is retained. However, the biggest con going ahead with the lengthy forms is a fewer number of people who get encouraged for a sign up. Second issue with the lengthy subscriber form is to fit it in the smallest possible space.

A small form with just a name and email should suffice instead. This will firstly encourage more people to subscribe as it is easy, looks beautiful and secondly doesn’t raise eyebrows of subscribers thinking about misuse of information.

Now, while choosing a small form with just name and email or probably the company name to the maximum, you anyway get hold of the ready to pitch sales details. A little lead nurturing and canvassing might earn you big dollars for sure.

A small subscription form can be featured above the fold with a big headline and call to action enabling more action. Small subscription forms can also go well on top of the sidebar and on any of the resource pages like blog page. Integrating this with your social page will also be no big deal.

Alternatively, if you want to place a lengthy subscription form try and have a subscription landing page for those who are being skeptical about providing this set of information straight away. This page may detail the value that would be provided by signing up with your company.

Subscription forms play an integral and vital role in your email list-building strategy. Try and remain precise while collecting the information making it an enjoyable experience with right placement and clear value!

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