Email Marketing Takeaways From FIFA 2014

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With FIFA demanding the entire world’s attention for over two fortnights – it took our attention too and we could just not hold ourselves from writing about it! A game which necessitates hard work from great sportsmen, dedication from the smallest FIFA executives and tons of sponsors’ money – has a lot happening behind the scenes at the host country. While the rest of the world celebrates the game, Monks forced by their zeal bring you a series of learning from the captivating FIFA World Cup 2014:

1. The chaos before FIFA loomed – but the show must go ON!

Read about the chaos that loomed just before FIFA 2014 saw light of the day, with last minute touch ups and installations?  Well, that could be the case for your email campaign if you have not planned your campaign right. Your last minute test results might find personalization errors, coding glitches, improper mobile layout and more, but you need to fix the same at a good pace before the campaign is open for the audience. Be proactive to gauge the possibilities of things going wrong with your campaign and take corrective actions for the same.

2. A mighty event coalesces the world!

FIFA 2014 fever is all over the world, making sports enthusiasts from all over the world unify for their teams and their love for the game transcends. Our learning here is that your email marketing campaigns should also be driven towards one single goal. Every element of your email marketing campaign like copy and content, visual impact, email layout, etc. must be united towards the campaign goal – 76% increase in the open rate, 160% increase in the clickthroughs or it can be your own desired milestone for that matter.

3. 32 participating countries – but the whole world gets to watch them play!

Though only 32 teams were qualified to participate in FIFA 2014 this year – the whole world still gets to watch, enjoy & opinionate over the game. Similarly, whichever segment or industry your email campaign is targeted at, the whole world still gets to view it on the off chance if it goes viral. Hence, while designing a campaign make sure you keep the holistic picture in mind and see to it that the elements of your email are inspiring across practices & interests of other industries as well.

4. Penalties are a part of the game!

Penalties are a part of the tournament and there is no way to avoid it. Teams can just give the best shot following the rules and regulations. Likewise, in email marketing, there are various legal compliances and spam traps and they are likely to disturb your email campaign. You might have subscribers unsubscribing, ESPs warning you, but you as email marketers should be able to pave your way through! Play well just so that no one can penalize you, may it be FIFA or email marketing.  

5. Myriad spending to host 4 World Cup Tournaments!

Brazil has spent a whooping amount of $300 million to build a new stadium with 42,000 seats to be able to host the World Cup for 4 times. In case if you are not spending much over your campaign, shell out some dollars to make the campaign look more attractive and effective. Spend some money on setting up automated workflows, hiring professional staff or an agency for your design and coding requirements, partner with ESPs who can help you with dynamic content and personalization etc. Track the ROI of every dollar spend, ensuring that the campaign provides a great deal of ROI like FIFA.

Monks hope these FIFA denotations help you give some extra thought to your campaign! Enjoy the gameany thoughts about the finalists?

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