Email Message Delivery Times: It’s a clarion call for domain reputation!

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Email is the quickest methods of communication with enhanced reach and frequency. It is often believed that email is in the Inbox, the moment it is sent. This however might depend on  the variety of factors and our this post will delve into identifying the factors that can impact the message delivery time.

So, how does an email communication route? Typically, those email marketers using email service providers create an email template, upload their list and run a campaign. Once they run a campaign, the ESP passes over the messages off to the sending server in most cases, client’s IP addresses. The server then sends the message to the list addresses unless bounced or timed out.

In a world without issues, the message will straight outreach to the recipients Inbox. The ISP will just take a few minutes to deliver such emails. However, this again depends on the size of your email communication and settings of your ESP.

Delivery delay of email communication can happen due to ISP throttling many a times. ISP throttles an email due to two factors largely (a.) authentication and (b.) domain IP reputation or recipient behavior.


An incorrect or missing DNS records will reduce the rate that an ISP will accept messages. As it takes more time for the receiving server to receive the message, those emails get delivered slowly.

IP Reputation/Recipient Behavior

Domain reputation as we have always quoted is one of the most vital factors for successful delivery of an email. ISPs will always see the domain reputation before sending out your email communications. The ISP will limit the amount of messages into their network based on sender and recipient behavior. If you send too many spam messages or send emails to recipients who stop engaging, an ISP might reduce the email sending and impose limits.

Recipient behavior can determine your domain reputation, both are interlinked. If the recipients behave with your emails nicely, the chances of your email volume entering the network will increase. Likewise, the bad behavior where they mark your emails as spam will decrease the volume of email entering the network.

Enhancing Delivery Time!

Domain reputation dominates any email communication. If you want your email to reach the recipients Inbox without any delivery issues, you need to have a higher domain reputation and maintain a list hygiene. Also, behavior based triggered emails can solve the issues pertaining to the delivery of your emails.

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