Email permission – 5 simple tips to obtain and retain it!

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A lot of time we have talked to you about obtaining email permission before sending an email to your subscribers. Have you wondered how? Well, in this post Monks will come up with simple tips for getting permission from your subscribers.

1. Ask for it at the sign-up

If you need permission, ask for it and that’s the first step toward permission based email marketing. While asking to sign-up, clearly mention the value that you will provide to them by signing-up. You can provide incentives to the subscribers so that they are motivated to join the list, however; clearly let them permit to send you email in the first step. Better the incentives and value, the more the permission.

2. Provide them an option to opt-out

Let people give the permission and revoke the same at their own will. Permission given should not be taken for granted. Let people easily opt out whenever they wish to. Provide them easy unsubscribe and opt-out options in your emails, in case if they want, they can utilize the same.

3. Make it credible

Your subscribers or prospects will only provide you the permission to email them if your privacy policy is clear and transparent. Adhere to the strict NDA terms so that there is trust and credibility among your subscribers. The better the credibility, the better the ration of permission grant.

4. Don’t kill the preference center   

Preference center is the best place to manage permissions. Let your subscribers come and update preference centers as and when they need it so that if the frequency isn’t matching they can easily update it. Alternatively, you can also conduct surveys and ask for feedback and explicit permission to keep continuing email marketing with your existing subscribers.

5. Don’t buy the email list

Email list can be bought, but not the permission. Permission is not transferrable. Buying list might not be a good idea as these people on the list might not be interested to receive emails from you and secondly, it might not be a hygienic list in itself.

Summing it all up, it is advisable to ask for permission and send emails to only those interested in your services or products. Sending email to unhygienic list over a period of time without permission might increase the unsubscribe rate and hurt your domain reputation eventually.

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3 thoughts on “Email permission – 5 simple tips to obtain and retain it!”

  • MailMan

    Organic email list = best OR and CTR (av. 16% and 6%)
    Buying list = OR (3%), CTR (0,1 – 0,3%).

    • Email Monks

      That’s a great stat! So which campaign are these stats for? Would be great if you could elaborate.

    • Guest

      That’s a great stat! So which campaign are these stats for? Would be great if you could elaborate.

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