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Email Personalization – How to go beyond the obvious? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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By now, we all know that email is one of the most effective marketing channels. There’s thus no surprise that everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon to make sure they beat their competition. However, too much of email has lead to cluttered inboxes. So, to cut through the clutter and make it to your subscriber’s heart, you have to do something special, something that makes you a part of their lives. Email personalization, a fool-proof tactic that provides a more engaging experience, helps to create that lasting bond.

Understanding the importance of this tactic, marketers are making headway into hyper-personalization that involves customizing emails to a level where each subscriber receives relevant content/offers/recommendations that resonate well with them, thus increasing the chances of conversion. Moreover, with big data and machine learning to help us make personalizing emails easy, businesses can depend on dynamic content to produce personalized experiences. Customer data is at the heart of personalization. So, you need to be good at collecting the data and using it correctly, of course, without sounding creepy.

According to a study by Cheetah Digital, just by personalizing subject lines, you can increase the open rate by nearly 30%. Moreover, such emails can generate 43.2% more revenue per email.

But to make the most of this valuable tactic, you need to do it right. What are the steps involved in email personalization, what technologies aid email personalization, and how are brands doing it – our infographic Email Personalization Advancements is a detailed account of the what, why and how of hyper-personalization in emails.

And if machine learning fascinates you as an email marketer, don’t forget to download the eBook you get with the infographic on Machine Learning – The Future of Email Personalization.

Email Personalization Advancements

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