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Grow your Email ROI in 2016 with these 8 awesome tips

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There is a fierce competition among marketers to utilize marketing media vehicles optimally and reach out to consumers’ top of the mind space before anyone else does. Out of the various channels available to exploit, email ranks the top most channel for most this year. And, this is for a simple reason: cost-effectiveness vs. roaring email marketing ROI. Email marketing budgets are on a full swing. Email marketing tips can be at your rescue for this.

There is some more mathematics before you are awestruck! Well, consumers who receive an email have a tenacity to spend 83% more.

Above numbers clearly indicate email as a key revenue driver for most companies. So, if you too plan to invest hefty in email channel, here are some tips from Monks that will enable you to get more bang for the buck.

8 awesome email marketing tips for you

Plan and strategize

Plan better in 2016. While 2015 had been quite strategic for most marketers, it still lacks planning for most others. Planning should hold the utmost importance for you in the coming year. Compelling email design and aesthetics blended with witty copy, personalized data sets and relevancy can do wonders.

While planning and strategizing the campaign, also plan the email frequency, deliverability challenges, subject lines, and interactivity (remember, interactive emails will be at an all time high) If you are planning to migrate or move your ESP, do plan that out as well.

Focus on email list growth and segmentation

According to Hubspot, email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year. Thus, it is mission critical to grow, segment, and maintain proper list hygiene. Some great ideas for list growth include (a.) participating in networking events (b.) including social and forward to friend options (c.) offer signup incentives on the website (d.) integrate social signups with email database

Apart from the list growth, you should also be focusing on list segmentation and hygiene. Keep your email list updated with the most active subscribers. Eliminate unsubscribe and spam complaints from the list. Segment the subscribers not only on the basis of demographics, sociographics and psychographics, but also consider the past data and subscriber action for better results.


With more subscribers and customers consuming information on the go, it is mission critical to optimize the emails and landing pages for target audience. Take smartphones, connected devices and wearables, optimizing emails for different devices is crucial. If you have achieved great success with responsive email design, that is not it. In 2016 and times to come, you might also need to make your emails compatible for devices wrapped around the wrist or smart connected appliances. Design wearable emails with specs like 38mm-50mm and others depending on where your target views it.

Monitor your ISPs’ algorithm, spam traps and sender score

Inbox placement is something most of us crave for. This craving is satisfied as soon as we land up in the inbox. This thought process has to change moving further to grab some more ROI from your email campaigns. You should not only monitor your inbox placement, but also monitor the overall deliverability. Focus on your IPs this year. Constantly watch that you aren’t falling prey to spam traps. Monitor your sender score and ISP algorithms so that your deliverability isn’t compromised at any given point. Set up a team of deliverability expert who could help you grow your email ROI.

Automate your workflows

A survey stated that triggered emails attain 152% higher CTR than traditional emails. That said; triggered emails hold the potential to outperform most other emails. To set up a triggered automated workflow that triggers email based on action, identify key action points. Unless you identify the action where you want to trigger an email, you might miss nurturing your leads or keeping the top of the mind recall on. Optimize on various possible workflows including cart abandonment emails, lead nurturing emails, thank you and welcome emails, confirmation emails and so on. Use a good email service provider that offers automating workflows with personalization.

Plan retention and re-engagement

Another aspect of adding some dollars to your email investment is re-engagement and retention. Plan out re-engagement and retention email campaigns. Retention email campaigns can aim around incentivizing, offering discounts, sharing updates about the company, offering free trial, more information on the product or new product information from time to time whereas, re-engagement emails plan to re-engage the inactive subscribers. You should also plan to bid goodbye to those inactive subscribers who choose opting out without direct communication.

Integrate it with Omni-channel

Reaching out to customers and prospects across the media is quite helpful in escalating lead generation. In this era of social media, you can’t just send email and then wait for miracles to happen. Integrating email with omni-channel media is a must. That way, you sync the customer experience in the inbox with in-store, social media, mobile and other channels that consumer looks up to for gaining some credibility.

Experiment innovation

Email marketing is the best way to woo your customers and nothing can woo them more than interactive emails. Sending creative emails with accordion, menu, sliders, rotating banners, scratch effects, and flip can provide altogether a different experience in the inbox.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are many other aspects that email marketers should look forward for profitable email marketing in 2016. Some of these include:

  • Personalization with geo-targeting, custom images, live maps and feeds
  • Testing emails for connected devices
  • Using the power of predictive analytics for better prospecting
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