Email Sales Cycle – Focus on Content and 4 Other Magical Elements For a Winning Close

Most companies now a days are looking out to expand their bottom and top lines. An agile and healthy sales cycle involves a lot of mediums and phases of communication with the prospect till the time he is aboard as your customer. Today in this post, Monks focus on how to effectively use email marketing and influence the sales cycle by only using email as the primary channel of communication.

Lead Development

Ethical lead generation can be practiced by ways like picking addresses from stores, tradeshows & fairs or by requesting referrals. People who belong to the above are individuals that take genuine interest in your product or offering and thus are more likely to develop fledging curiosity. Your opt-in lists must consist of leads and prospects that anticipate any content or information from you owing to their related latent interests. Such leads are easy to nurture as they have basic understanding and interest about your offering, which unarguably leads towards a full blown product interest. Serving content that is relevant to be able to engage different people who stand at different stages of buying cycle can be crucial, but the same can be made magically easier with the aid of automated email marketing software. Remember, it is better to explicitly take the permission before approaching the prospects first time.

Lead Nurturing

The path from fledging curiosity to a full blown product interest is the time an email marketer has to showcase his offering. This is precisely the stage where lead nurturing must take place – the level of nurturing determined by the stage of buying cycle, the subscriber is standing at. As mentioned earlier, this can be controlled by email marketing automation software that is capable of creating email marketing ‘tracks’. A marketing track is a collection of emails delivered over time for a specific type of buyer, or a distinct area of interest. The software allows you to build and schedule marketing emails ahead of time giving you the added benefit of crafting cohesive communication that is of value to your subscribers. After your marketing tracks have been developed, you will be able to segment people into respective streams either manually or on the basis of user behavior triggers. The trick is to provide relevant information in a timely and a non-invasive manner.

5 ways to customize email elements for a closure!

An email design that follows the respective best practices for email design elements can be of divine help towards lead conversion. At this stage you have captured the audience’s interest and providing their preferences in the best desired layout can lead to inevitable closure. Monks give you a run through to create an email solely meant for lead generation.

1. Get it opened – Go direct in the subject line: It decides for the audience whether to read the email or not. Create subject lines that prove to be karmic. Explicitly write your attention, may be link it up with the first time discount while sending the email. Use personalized name and demographic details for a better response.

2. Make it sticky – Brevity is the soul of wit: Leads and prospects have inboxes inundated with emails every day. Help them save on time by keeping your email concise, clear and engaging. Do not just focus on the sales, focus on the solution.

3. Grab the visual pathway – People love images: Reinforce your message to their minds quickly by using images all the time as according to a study by 3M Corporation, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60,000X faster than text. Use dynamic and live images to provide an exceptional real time experience.

4. Confidence Building – Integrate Live Feeds: Real-time email marketing has really grown to a new high. For a better sales action, insert a few live feeds from your reviews and rating section. Blend them with live feeds from social media and let them skim through a few customer testimonials within the email.

5. SALES – A CTA that they can just not avoid: To push the leads further down in the sales funnel, have a clearly placed CTA that gives them a direction embellished with an enticing benefit. Serve them the next step to be taken after reading your email. Link it to the right landing page and make sure the CTA language is not direct for high involvement sales. Instead of using Buy Now, use Know More.

On the off chance, if you are not getting a good response via email marketing due to list issues, domain problems or spam traps, feel free to consider other direct communication channels like phone calls, personal visit if possible. A lot of push might go against you, act wise, go gaga about the sales cycle the right way!

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