Subject Line Mantras That Help Conquering Open Rates

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There is a lot of advice available about using the right kind of subject line to increase your open rates, however there has never been a sure-fire way to conquer email opens! What works for one may not work for the other…  Amidst that, Monks bring you some amazingly virtuous words to be taken care of while you draft down the subject lines for your upcoming email campaigns.

1. Subscribers are dubious of most emails in their inbox!

The subscribers are skeptical of most emails that land into their inbox. The easiest way to overcome such a doubt is by drafting catchy subject lines based on the subscriber’s interests. These interests can be generally obtained from the preference centers and opt-in forms. Another way to avoid the skepticism is by mentioning the sender’s “FROM NAME” in the subject line so to assure the subscribers that the email is from a trusted source, in case they are partly acquainted with you.

2. Reality Stat Check – Numbers & Urgency help!!

Including numbers in subject lines might as well help boosting the email open rates significantly. These numbers might be your company’s annual revenue figures, general stats, time-sensitive counters showcasing urgency or anything that draws the eyeballs. Number makes the email content all the more credible and substantial.

3. Personalization helps, over-personalization doesn’t!!!

It is advisable to add a personal touch to your subject lines by implementing the ‘you’ oriented approach. Doing so, you will be able to establish a better connect with your subscribers. It will make the email look all the more personal even before your subscribers happen to open the same. Also, there is no harm in adding personalization by dynamic name tag insertion just before the subject line or anywhere within like “John, are you still checking out our offer?” or “Hey still waiting John? Come join us”. The technique is though quite chewed up as almost all marketers are using it rigorously in the recent past.

4. A subject line that “teases”!

Basic subject lines that give away everything on a platter are a thing of the past! Provide your subscribers with a glimpse and add a little tint of vagueness to make them behave more curiously. Curiosity is one factor that might help grabbing their attention and in turn increasing the opens and clicks. A retailer’s pre-sale Christmas email campaign can create much needed buzz – when the subject line is possibly “Xmas is to come, will we?” If you are launching a new product that people always demanded for – a subject line like “Your wait is over, 12 days more and we resolve” might yield heavenly results. Such subject lines titillate the thought process of subscribers, raising their curiosity, leading them to want to find out more and finally giving away by that one little click on the email campaign!

5. Subscribers now are “socially” involved too!

Thanks to the surge that social media has witnessed in the recent past, subscribers are now aggressively involved in utilizing these media vehicles for promoting products and services of companies. It’s the time now for leveraging this trend and come up with catchy subject lines that are tweet-able or share-able across the various social platforms. Remember, a good subject line will turn around your marketing impact when utilized along with social media.


  • Urge them to take an action with the words you use!
  • Do not waste your reader’s time by misleading subject lines…
  • Personalize your subject line up to the extent you can!
  • Use words that drive engagement & curiosity to STAND OUT in the overflowing inbox!
  • Shouty capitals & exclamations might not always reap you responses!

In the mystical world of subject lines, testing different variations will bring you closer to the success. What works for you might not work for your client!

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  • Alchemy Worx

    We’d also suggest mining past email results to understand what subject lines work. A subject line tool like Touchstone compares your proposed subject line with past results and can predict its effect on opens and clicks, so anyone who’s job it is to write subject lines should give it a try – you can find Touchstone at

    • Email Monks

      Yes, for sure! mining past data on which subject lines worked will benefit. We will have a look into the tool. Thanks 🙂

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