Flooded Inbox: Divine TOOLS that can MAKE IT GO!!!

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Anything that can make an inundated inbox disappear is great right!! An overwhelming inbox is every marketer’s complaint as it takes away a lot of their time; that can be divested elsewhere for better business opportunities! Emails are inevitable in the prevalent times of the growing social media splurge where all marketers need to keep updated of the latest trends and tools. This is where business relationships become extremely important; with the beacon to most of them being emails.

All the tasks that revolve around an inbox; categorizing, cleaning, responding at the right time, following up sometimes, framing the perfect emails, sending to the right recipient, etc. can all get overwhelming if it is to be done in haste. Such tasks leave you no room to gear up your social media strategies- which of course cannot be ignored!

Monks bring you 5 divine tools that can help ease out the process for you and make inbox managing easier:

1.  Sanebox

SaneBox works on top of your email account. It prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest applying automated processes to your inbox. It currently works with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes and Office 365.

Sanebox decides on its own if the messages arriving in your inbox are important or otherwise based on your past inbox behavior. Messages considered important are held back in the inbox while the others are moved to a ‘SaneLater’ folder. Also, messages considered as unimportant can start to show as important from the next time, provided you approve of it. This way SaneBox categorizes your emails into some other folders as well like SaneArchive (3 months old emails), SaneBlackhole (Junk), SaneTomorrow (to appear in inbox the next day), etc. with features like scheduling replies, attachments automatically moved to cloud, snoozing replies for a week, etc.

Hence, this tool saves you at least an hour a day, as there will be a lot less to process at one go, when you get to your inbox.

2.  Boomerang

Boomerang, a Gmail app, stands out due to its ability to schedule emails. Besides that, many functionalities from SaneBox and Boomerang overlap. While you send an email, it allows you to “Boomerang it” which means sending it at a later stage. Email marketing works best when the emails are sent at the right time and this tool is devised to take care of the same. So, write your email and schedule it to be delivered just when you want it to!

3. Text Expander

Text Expander is a Mac based application that assigns short key text that is used to copy in text that you have already fed as templates. This tool would be helpful when you think you are typing the same kind of information and text again and again; in your emails or word document too! With Text Expander you can create a series of templates that you can use within your emails and save a lot of your time. PC based alternatives of Text Expander may be available!

4. Complete

Autocomplete or word completion as a feature is already prevalent in web browsers, e-mail programs, search engine interfaces, word processers, etc.  Complete is a Chrome plugin that you can use within any app to complete words within your email. Its auto-completion is based on guessing what you could possibly be typing next! It takes a while to build its directory but saves a lot of your time that is wasted in typing; once accustomed to it!

5. Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools have come up as an interesting boon and are capable of converting any marketer into a direct email marketing expert overnight. Investing in a good automated email marketing tool can reduce a lot of your managing time and cater relevant and scheduled content to your subscribers. An auto responder series facilitated by such tools can give your email marketing program an edge with the subscribers receiving value added content and you saving on plenty of time, had you planned  to personally do the same!

Invest in a few of these tools and manage with ease to help you take out that extra time you always needed towards your new strategies. Let us know about the other tools you use, in the comments below. 🙂

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