Fly High with the Big Data in Email Hot Air Balloon: An Infographic

“Identify the most relevant customer data set and analyze it. Come up with a more personalized targeted email campaign from the analysis.”
– How simple or critical is the above statement to execute??

Everything around us is in the form of some sort of record! Marketers are going bananas over the term Big Data and utilization of relevant data sets for affluent email marketing. That being said – is the big data transformation process for email marketing; a cake walk?? We are guessing, not so much! A McKinsey & Company study of more than 250 engagements over five years revealed that companies that put data at the center of their email marketing and overall sales decisions, improve their marketing return on investment by 15-20%.

The steps to heavenly Big Data transformation can me many commencing from customer data collection and quality assessment, customer intelligence to big data formation and ultimately a comprehensive usable database.

Since customer information and behavioral data is scattered across various platforms, data is fetched from a variety of sources such as social media, CRM, analytics, point-of-purchase, web interaction, etc. This is where data modeling comes into picture with the use of analytics models such as clustering, propensity models, recommendation or collaborative models, etc. that basically group ‘like’ behavior or predict the certainty of an action based on the campaign requirements. Email marketers may be looking at increased ROIs with the use of such analytics models.

Effective utilization of big data in marketing is highly dependent upon selection of the right data set that provides value to your email marketing program. According to Aberdeen, personalized emails with right data sets improve click through rates by 14%. Email interaction, web interaction, profile preferences, purchase data, etc. are a few data sets email marketers must be well acquainted with to drive relevant campaigns and interactions.

Bearing the nitty gritties the successful implementation of big data bears with itself, the monastery having collaborated with the very learned thought leader Ryan Phelan; has come up with an extremely thorough infographic on BIG DATA Opportunities in Email Marketing. The infographic entails aspects of big data, customer data types worth chanting, analytics models of Big Data and associated best practices to help you fly high in the big data in email hot air balloon. Click on the infographic below to read in full about it and send the most relevant data-fueled emails; and let us know about your ride in the comments below! 🙂

Big Data in Email | Infographic

Big Data in Email | Infographic

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