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History of Email Evolution – EmailMonks Brings to You its New Video!

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The world is constantly changing, especially in terms of how it consumes information. And when it comes to storytelling, visual medium have always been the most receptive and engaging. If picture speaks a thousand words, a video can depict an epic experience.

EmailMonks Storytelling Moves a Step Ahead – Embraces Video

The Monks have always enjoyed storytelling and this is one of the very reasons why amazing infographic ideas cross our minds. While we have already amazed you with our much loved infographic “Theory of Email Evolution”, we move a step ahead realizing the exciting history of email and the story of email templates evolution through our first video production – EMAIL EVOLUTION.


The story that inspired….

Emails that started as an inter-departmental messaging system in 1971, has evolved into a popular marketing channel with almost 2.6 billion user base in these 4 decades. The plain text ASCII characters, with the amalgamation of CSS into HTML, have now metamorphosed into emails conveying your message through visuals.

Email template evolution has been on the fast-track, thanks to the advent of the responsive era and interactive email design. The ‘Email Evolution’ video with its happy music and superbly edited script takes you on a delightful journey from when it all started in 1971 to a promising glimpse into the future of emails in a connected world.

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Enjoy this visual treat from the Monastery & do not forget to share the love….

Let’s celebrate the journey of email through 4 decades.

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2 thoughts on “History of Email Evolution – EmailMonks Brings to You its New Video!”

  • Jon

    That’s a great little video! Good to see the last 40-odd years of emails condensed into less than two minutes. What will the next 40 years hold I wonder?

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