Everything You Wanted to Know About Holiday Email Marketing [LookBook]

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An email is similar to a symphony. Many notes (elements) need to come together to create the magic, that keeps your subscriber on the edge of the seat for the next email. Since the Holiday season is the only time of the year, where there are many email marketers aggressively vying to catch the attention of your subscribers, it is necessary for you to hit the right notes to STAND OUT. Even great artists need inspirations and so Monks have come up with a divine tool… Holiday Email Lookbook 2016.

What’s so special??

This lookbook is what your Holiday email marketing needs. The following months are going to be abuzz with retail holidays and a strong strategy can help you make the most of it. Combined with our Holiday Email Marketing Calendar and Planner 2016, this lookbook can help you fine tune your strategies and create really good holiday email campaigns.

Sneak Peek – Nitty-Gritties of an Awesome Email

Taking a cue from 2015: Any marketing strategy is incomplete without an analysis of the previous year performances. This section features an in-depth review of most of the statistical data obtained in 2015 in terms of marketing budget, top programs and tactics adopted by email marketers globally.

New Call-to-action

Gearing for 2016: A complete analysis of different parts of an email based on the current trends. True to the title, it enlightens you on the importance of making your emails mobile friendly, giving a festive tone to your subject lines, tailoring of your content copy around the holiday theme and many such ‘nitty-gritties’ to help you create an effective email campaign.

Adorable email campaigns: It is a well-versed fact that a single email can’t be enough to help you get conversions. An email lifecycle consists of various emails based on the stage of the lead (Promotional emails) and also triggered events (welcome, transactional, cart abandonment emails etc.) Cherry-picking the best emails of brands during this season, Monks have analyzed them to showcase the eye-catching details in them.

Takeaways from Lookbook:

  • Go for Email-friendly fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, or Georgia.
  • The subject line should clearly explain what lies inside the mail.
  • Ask subscribers to connect with you on all your social media platforms.
  • Rather than sending them coupons every time, just send them greetings.
  • Don’t forget to send a few last delivery date reminders, (try countdown timers).

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  • Carl Martin

    Hey Kevin, nice post man but can u more elaborate about holiday email marketing. Btw thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Kevin George

      Hey Carl,

      Great that you liked the post. you can find more information in the free lookbook that we are offering.

      Stay connected… 🙂

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