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It’s not very often that EmailMonks talks about themselves. Today is that rare day when we would like to take the opportunity to share something about us and how we work at the Monastery!

Back in 2013, the idea of EmailMonks was conceived to put to rest the email design and coding struggles faced by email industry professionals.

Email marketers encountered many challenges because of last minute changes in the email design and tight deadlines. These challenges used to make it difficult for them to effectively execute email marketing and manage timelines of sending the email. It was daunting to generate ROI despite their efforts and cost incurred on production. Moreover, it was getting expensive to hire the best talent and outsourcing was also a pain.

Few of the hurdles in the path of effective production are:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Quality check
  • Time zone barriers for availability
  • Delay in responding
  • No commitment or reliability
  • Payment issues

EmailMonks was started with the sole objective of helping anyone who needed assistance with email templates and overcoming these issues.

Over time, this became our mission statement and the ultimate goal of every professional associated with us.

It’s been 5 years to the inception of EmailMonks and we have consistently striven to deliver the best-in-class customer experience – best-in-class in a way that we always try to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our culture revolves around the same ideology – “Deliver delight to every individual (employees and clients)”.

Our culture is defined by three core virtues:

  • Honesty – Defines our transparency
  • Humbleness – Be polite, be kind
  • Care & help – We care for everything in the world, our clients, our people, our resources, even our fellow service providers

We code and design the cheapest email templates with the fastest turnaround time of 8 hours. To make it easy for people looking for such services, we created different packages that allow them to choose on the basis of urgency. We provide a very competitive pricing structure giving an advantage to our customers of great pool of talented people in India. Our email coding services starts at just $49, which normally people were afraid of believing. Our super design team code and deliver HTML starting at $149.

We have maintained transparency when it comes to our packages and pricing – No hidden cost.

Our ‘Order Now’ tab makes it convenient for people to choose the right package, submit their designs/assets and rest assured to see a beautiful email in their inbox next morning (or same day) with all deliverables.

We prioritize customer experience rather than making a fortune. Whether we have a live chat request or a comment on our blog, we try our best that we can to help them. The objective of our live chat or blog is not to generate business inquiries or leads but to HELP!

We don’t just deliver services. We deliver an EXPERIENCE that would make our customers smile.

It makes us proud when our customers recommend “EmailMonks” to their fellow colleagues looking for similar services. Word of mouth publicity always feels better than paid advertisements.

Delight – The ‘sweet potion’ that blooms(fosters) Customer Retention

DELIGHT as an experience and as our core value helps us retain our customers and build brand loyalty. We can proudly say that we have a customer retention of around 95%.

We deliver the job within the expected timeframe and sometimes even before. If the customer has any queries after the job is completed, our customer support executive readily helps them with any issues that they may be facing with the email template. Be it ESP integration or uploading the email template, we educate the customer through special video calls and screen sharing sessions.

As we mentioned earlier, our LIVE CHAT feature & customer support team functions with the intention to HELP rather than sell. On one such instance, the campaign manager of a Brand reached out to us on live chat with a very urgent request, as their designated developer could not deliver the email template that was scheduled to go out in the next 6 hours. The EmailMonks team sprung into action, took inputs required for project and without any discussion (commercial) delivered the template in 2 hours, much to the Delight of our (now) customer. We strongly believe in ‘karma’, if you do good, it’ll come back to you.

Our 24 hours availability Monday to Friday (in 3 different shifts) helps any one to get their answers within fraction of seconds, available for you to help anytime of the day in any time zone.

Our Customer Experience team (we call it CX team ) responds within next one hour to every customer for their questions. We are proud of them, especially the lead “Ravi” of this team. Our chat support has enabled quick communication for all our prospects as well as customers.

Half of the customer support executives are present even on Saturdays to cater to the urgent/rush projects during the weekend. We call them SuperMonks.

We commit the timeline before we start working on the job, and till today there has never been a case where we have missed the timeline. Our packages and pricing are based on timeline committed or chosen.

We do thorough QA for every email coded by developers followed by checklist based peer-review. We submit screenshots of 40 + Email Clients / Browsers, Checklist and Files to our customers.


We have a special delight team of Team Leads and Project Co-ordinators, who are responsible for providing something extra to each job. They measure their efforts in terms of how many customers they could delight in a day.

Each job is treated with equal importance, whether it’s from incorporation or a next door shop owner. We recruit people who fit in our core virtues and with our extensive 3 months of training program every developer, reviewer, customer experience guy, campaign manager and executors we build a team who believes and thrives to deliver delight.

With that said, during our strategic meeting one of our Sr. Managers asked our Director, Jaymin Bhuptani – “How do we make profit if we add so many people for each job that’s just $49?” and he replied –

Not everything in life we do to earn profit. Sometimes when our team put extra efforts without seeing the time or hour of the day, and client response back with smile or delight, that brings even a bigger smile and relief for all of us. If we aim to deliver delight in the service we offer, I am sure we will make many ways to make profit.

The Best Email Design Hunt – Contest Delights

Recently we organized “The Best Email Design Hunt 2017” contest that was a huge hit in the entire email marketing world.

Throughout the contest, we tried to help the participants in every way we could. We made sure they submitted the most competitive entry that brightened their chance to win.

We surprised the finalists who could not make it to the winners list with a personalized “Email is King” merchandise. Needless to say, it became very popular on the entire social media and one of the most talked about things. It made our new year even more exciting.

Again, during EEC 2018 at NOLA, we presented our booth visitors with personalized “Email is King” merchandise. The smile that we brought on their faces was simply priceless.

Wrapping Up

When you have just started your business, generating conversions seems to be an easy task. However, when you have reached at a certain level, sustaining the growth and retaining the customers is more important. That’s where DELIGHT comes into play. And we cannot thank our customers enough for giving us an opportunity to delight them in every small way we can.

We Smile, Only When You’re Delighted.

With love

Team Monks



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