I don’t think it’s working anymore…Re-engagement email best practices

Subscribers are just like couples. They fall in love with the services and sign-up. The relationship moves ahead when they get your newsletters. Soon just like a real relationship, the relationship of your services and subscribers loses the spark too and they try to go away by ignoring the emails. It’s heartbreaking to lose 25% of your email list every year. But don’t worry, just because your relationship lost its spark doesn’t mean that it can’t be revived again.

To make the relationship happy and going Monks has come up with these 5 great holy mantras (best practices) that can not only rekindle the flame, but also keep the relationship engaging.

Yes! I want the relationship back (positive engagers)

Send re-engagement emails by offering discounts, coupon codes, free products, etc. You can also customize your emails by considering the customer’s lifecycle and make the re-engagement emails more tempting. Always remember that if the subscribers don’t engage, it can decrease the email engagement rates. And when it happens ISPs start sending you to spam. Thus, send less emails to negative engagers and more to the positive ones.


You don’t understand me (Understand your subscriber’s data)

Every subscriber has a certain behavior and as an email marketer it is quintessential for you to understand your subscribers’ data. Your consumer will ultimately engage with your brand if your email consists their interest. Also, sending them too many re-engagement emails can also piss them off, thus, set the sending frequency accordingly.

Compelling Copy

I don’t feel special anymore (Think outside-in)

The same “30% off” subject line may not appeal to your subscribers every time. The consumers want to be treated special so you have to come up with a new strategy. Short, catchy, simple yet witty subject lines like “Come Back”, “We Miss You” can help in spreading the magic. Also, subject lines like these have the read rates of 13%. Make your email crisp, punchy and to the point. Your main motto here is to produce a readable persuasive copy that can gather the attention and at the same time make your subscriber feel special. Remember, short & direct approach is the better approach.

Reengagement email example 1

I’m not sure about us (A/B split testing)

You may have drafted a perfect re-engagement email, but what looks yay to you may be a nay for your subscriber. Thus, it is extremely vital that you go for A/B split testing before your email makes its way out. Custom tailor the CTAs and copy depending on the consumer’s demographics, previous buying cycle, and behavior. Make your email explicit by doing multivariate testing. Get to know more about how multivariate testing can work wonder or you by visiting our infographic effective A/B split and multivariate email testing.


I’m not important for you (Create impact)

Make your subscribers feel important by sending re-engagement emails that are relevant and personalized. In order to make an impact you need to create a follow-up series.

  1. First re-engagement email should be tempting enough to remind your consumers, what they’re missing.
  2. Second email should be your follow-up email.
  3. Third email should ask for confirmation to unsubscribe if they didn’t open the first two emails. If they don’t engage, bid your consumers goodbye.

Urban Outfitters Reengagement email


  • Clean your list by removing inactive subscribers
  • Don’t approach all the consumers in the same way
  • Be bold and try a different approach
  • Don’t distract them by including too many CTAs
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