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How Email Marketing done the Inbound way fetches great results! (Infographic)

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Consider this.

A financial investment company keeps calling you every now and then to tell you about their ‘awesome’ plans, whether you are interested in them or not. Urgh!
On the other hand, you have been watching advertisements of a specific investment company, considered them interesting, and signed up to receive emails from them to know them better.

So, when it’s actually time to invest your money, which one would pop up in your mind? Pretty sure, the second.

The first type of approach can be termed as outbound marketing.
The second and more expedient one is inbound marketing.

Basically, the major difference between the two is that inbound believes in earning attention and outbound is interrupting.

Inbound marketing educates, informs, and keeps the readers engaged with your brand by providing valuable, relevant content. It is thus an important element of an effective marketing campaign.

Readers now expect their favorite brands to know what they like and dislike, and communicate with them not just limiting the personalization to first name. Today’s generation demands a personalized experience from brands; that is one of the reasons why inbound works.

Inbound has four stages- Attract, Convert, Close, Delight. And the channels via which marketers can cross each stage, without interrupting the subscribers, include blogging, social media, SEO, word of mouth publicity, and email marketing among others.

inbound email marketing
Email marketing arguably plays the most vital role in inbound. Is decoding the theory of inbound v/s outbound in emails on your mind? Check out heavenly tips for inbound email marketing in the ROLE OF EMAIL IN INBOUND MARKETING infographic.

And, you can also check out the downloadable eBook that comes with the infographic for a step by step approach to include inbound strategy in emails.


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6 thoughts on “How Email Marketing done the Inbound way fetches great results! (Infographic)”

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for sharing this, best explanation of inbound and outbound I’ve heard. Short and sweet.

    From your experience, what social network works best for converting strangers into visitors?

    • Hello Jarvee.

      Great that you liked it.

      From my point of view, there is no “sure-shot’ social network that works best. It all depends on your target audience and the medium of communication they prefer. It is hugely dependent also on the SEO of your website.

  • We have several email id capturing call to action buttons all over the website. Each page is designed by keeping the end users in mind. The user who visits the product page is handled differently than the user who visits the information sharing page. On the blog, we share free tips and problem-solving advice. Some tips are hidden so to get them users have to submit their email id to receive the download links.

    Email marketing is the great way to engage your users. The email is the only way you can keep connected to the users in different forms.

    • Hi Avantika,

      Great that you liked the article.
      Like you stated in the first paragraph, you have created different lead capturing methods for your website. It is a good practice that you have done it as per the relevance of the page that your visitor is visiting. Once you collect the email address, the scope of connecting with your prospects becomes easy.

  • Fantastic Post!
    Very informative article & thank you for sharing information about Email marketing.

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