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Marketers aim to shell out excess money on EMAILS in 2015, with a planned increase in their Email Marketing spend by a roaring 61%!

The StrongView trends survey showcased the highest budget increase planned for triggered and transactional emails at 42.2% followed by lifecycle programs and newsletters at 41.4% and 34.95% respectively.
What email marketing strategy have you decided to resolve upon this year? We bring you the most interesting speculations based on the forecasts made by email marketing experts for the year 2015.
1. Real-Time Personalization becomes an official goal!
Execution of hyper relevant communication in real-time backed by detailed consumer behavior knowledge will be on a rise!
2. Big Data in Email will be used as much as possible!
Predictive analytics- especially contextual behavior predictions are speculated to give outstanding results this year with evolution of data gathering practices
3. A cohesive messaging strategy between Email & Social!
Synced cross channel messaging social media posts, themes and content with emails, will help your marketing emails more impactful to drive conversions.
4. Use of #Hashtags without overusing them – on a rise!
Using hashtags in subject lines is one of those ways to drive action without an open. Ensure using them right for spurring engagement on social networks!
5. Engaging emails aided by technology improvisations – just what’s needed!
The introduction of more improved HMTL capabilities will continue to change how users interact with their emails enhancing engagement levels.
6. Achieving a greater benefit from marketing automation tools!
More opportunities to tightly integrate CRM, SEO, lead scoring & email marketing will be sought after for a comprehensive marketing automation system.
7. Opt for stronger CTA placements in your email subject lines!
2014 already witnessed posts paired with strong call to action and supporting elements. Smart and powerful use of CTAs shall help marketers gain better click through rates.
8. Repurposing content in emails to aid maximum benefit to readers – on a rise!
Content from emails can be repurposed and featured as friendly downloadable PDFs, e-books and whitepapers. Effective content curation for reusability will be observed.
9. Micro-targeting likely to become the buzzword for 2015!
The emphasis on sending helpful content via careful email list segmentation and smart targeting – as opposed to hard-selling emails sent to an entire list – will continue to grow.
10. Preference Centers are here to stay!
With ever-evolving spam traps and increasingly clogged inboxes, we will see an increase in the use of email preference centers in 2015 as the first choice given to subscribers before they get onboard.
11. Email Clients will get smarter this year!
Email clients have already started to organize your incoming email not by time of delivery but by priority (based on your previous email reading habits). Now they may recommend priority emails to you!
12. Email Optimization for leads at the top and bottom of the funnel!
As of now, marketers view email marketing at the bottom of the sales funnel, with a focus on conversion. Over the year, companies will need to consider how they can make email more powerful through impactful email campaigns.
13. Attention to security concerns shall see a steep rise!
More methods like DMARC to stand against security breaches such as a phishing scam or attack – shall gain more attention to protect your brand & domain names from being attacked.
14. Internet of Things and Wearables
Marketers soon will stop being complacent about responsive web design. Going a step beyond, they will start thinking of ways to optimize emails for wearables.

Read our Infographic below on #2015: Email Marketing Predictions for more about these speculations surrounding how the year 2015 would be like for Email Marketing and a little rundown of email marketing practices from 2014… a few trends are still to run for long!

email-marketing-predictions-infographic FULL JPG

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