Infographic: Top 20 tools for email marketers!

Email marketing is a knot tied to inbound marketing. Though, inbound brings the leads, but email nurtures them and converts them, into sale. To complete the sales cycle, every piece of the puzzle has to be fixed perfectly by email marketers.

However, many email marketers attain great success by showing immense faith in email marketing, while others find it a daunting task and stumble. This is when email marketing tools come handy as they are designed to resolve most encountered challenges and bring to you some sigh of relief and convenience.

Let Monks walk you through some of the major difficulties and how they can be resolved using email marketing tools.


For quite some time now, Monks have been proposing to test emails well before hitting the send button. To make your life easy, Monks list down awesome testing tools like Litmus, Touchstone and few others like Email Spam Test enabling you to attain better email deliverability.

Code Analysis

Coding emails is one the most frequently faced difficulties in email marketing industry. With so many devices, browsers and resolutions to beat, coding becomes all the more challenging. Monks share with you list of some amazing tools like Litmus scope and few others that helps you check the code quality, convert HTML to plain text and make your emails compatible with varying devices.

Personalization is crucial

Personalizing emails has never been so crucial before. Most email marketers go beyond the basics of personalization like from name, to salutation, etc. To help you achieve enough personalization, Monks list down few super amazing personalization tools and predictive content engines.

Check out the entire list of tools in the below infographic:

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