Inspirational Marketing Quotes to help you with Email Marketing in 2017

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It’s 2017 and the Monks in the Monastery are all pepped up to make sure email marketers have a smooth ride in the days to come. So, the wise and enlightened beings have rounded up these really inspirational marketing quotes of influential people from the marketing industry. They are the latest ones, from 2016, and we are sure they will help you create amazing email campaigns in the coming year.

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Email Marketing Quote- Eric Lepetit

Find Eric Lepetit @ericlepetitsf

Digital Marketing Quote- Martin McKenna

Find Martin McKenna @martinjmckenna

Digital Marketing Quote- Michael Stelzner

Find Michael Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner

Email Marketing Quote- Nancy Harhut

Find Nancy Harhut @nharhut

Digital Marketing Quote- Holly Wright

Find her at Holly Wright

Digital Marketing Quote- Robert Rose

Find Robert Rose @Robert Rose

Digital Marketing Quote- Andy Crestodina

Find Andy Crestodina @crestodina

Email Marketing Quote- Kath Pay

Find Kath Pay @kathpay

Digital Marketing Quote- Brian Halligan

Find Brian Halligan @bhalligan

Digital Marketing Quote- Josef Toth

Find Jozef Toth @jojototh

Digital Marketing Quote- Loren McDonald

Find Loren McDonald @LorenMcDonald

Digital Mrketing Quote- Nic Newman

Find Nic Newman @nicnewman

Digital Marketing Quote- Philip Kotler

Find Philip Kotler @kotl

Digital Marketing Quote- Mike Yapp

Find him at Mike Yapp

Email Marketing Quote- Jackie Roberts

Find Jackie Roberts @jackie_roberts

We hope these quotes will help you make the right email marketing decisions in 2017 and you rock with your email campaigns like never before. It’s ok, you can thank us later.

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