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Integrated Forms in Email: Best Way to Know Your Customers

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With 56% U.S email users unsubscribing due to irrelevant content, it is important for your personalized email to hit close to the heart. One of the best way to generate customer persona is to ask questions or fill out survey form in email.

Redirecting your subscribers to a landing page to fill out a form increases the number of steps involved to collect data, which may affect and even hamper conversion rate. Monks have found a solution to this difficulty. The newest value addition from our Monastery is the Integrated Forms in email body.

Types of HTML Email Form Elements

  • Text Box: Form field used to input small texts mostly one word long. E.g. Names, Age, Company.
  • Radio Button: To select one answer from a choice of alternatives. E.g. Age Group, Data Range, Location.
  • Check Boxes: To select more than one answers from the available list. E.g. Interests, Hobbies, Preferential Data.

Advantages of Embedded Forms in Email

  • Improved Dynamic Content: With the collected data a Customer Persona can be generated and based on it, the subscriber can get more customized data in their inbox.
  • Improved List Segmentation: Based on the different collected data, specific emailing lists can be created.
  • Reduced Customer Efforts: With Embedded forms in email, the subscriber can directly feed in their details within the email itself. This way the subscriber no longer needs to be redirected to landing page with an intention to gather data.

Want to experience Form in Emails?



Currently few ESPs like Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, Adestra, etc. supports Forms in Email whereas others like MailChimp removes the form elements automatically, Sad but true.

Email Clients:
Email clients like Apple Mail, Yahoo Desktop, AOL, Outlook on Mac will be having functional form. While email clients like Lotus Notes, Outlook 2007, 10, 13,, Mobile third party applications like (Gmail app, Yahoo app) etc. will have proper fallback support fulfilling your request to get details.
Thunder Bird will display the form but the form will not function. As Thunder Bird have limitation in supporting Form and even the fallback code, the ThunderBird users will not be able to take the advantage of form in email

Apple has limited support for text area, so the Apple users might not be able to fill the text box. Also, there might be a possibility that the users aren’t able to input ‘space’ between words. Temporary workaround is to press ‘alt+space’ to input a space.


  • Welcome Emails can implement forms to know subscriber’s preferences.
  • The preference center for any email can be transferred into the email itself.
  • Fashion Retailers can use it to create brand survey, their specific subscribers like.
  • Travel and hospitality services can showcase various tour options with their prospects or customers using emails, which gives specific landing page options based on the selected answer.
  • Promotional emails can be created where in the subscribers’ filled form processes the specific order.
  • Transactional Emails can ask for the review of the product along with the receipt of purchase.

Best Practices for Forms in Email

  • Forms with 3-5 fields have maximum engagement. Always ask most important and required questions first.
  • Comment Box and Radio button should be only one.
  • In case more questions are to be asked, redirect the subscribers to a landing page containing more questions.

Do you use survey form in email? If yes, we’d love to know how effective it has been for your business. If No, give it a try here.

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