Let Marketing Automation bestow upon Email Marketers this 2013!

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Email marketing and marketing automation are just so close to one another and you can’t disjoin the two for a successful campaign launch. Infact automating the emails in just one thing the entire marketing automation function can do. The scope of marketing automation is huge and beyond words.

Talking emails, traditionally, marketers do not automate the emails and depend largely on the offline sources of data and in part the preferences of audience through research. Much of these data is not real time. Real-time data denotes information that is delivered immediately after collection. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided. Real-time data is often used for navigation or tracking.

Behavioural Data is the core of marketing automation!

That said, the offline sources of data might not really be real time compared to those set up by real time marketing automation softwares. Marketers need data sets to execute the campaign in email marketing automation set up. Integrating the web analytics, email and offline sources, you will be able to create a base for transactional, preference and behavioural data. Behavioural data is the pivotal element for setting up real time automated data.

Apart, running a campaign through marketing automation also requires the customer engagement levels. Knowing the customer engagement across different channels, preferences for communication etc marketer will be able to segment the customer engagement data and get to know the rules to set up for automated email campaign at most opportune time. Over and above the frequency, such data will lead to a better nurturing and ROI in turn.

Segmenting the customer data rules according to their behaviour and insights through email marketing automation will help immensely in executing right communication to right user.

To yield the best results from your marketing automation, go step by step and set up the rules and processes. Start with the low hanging fruit such as basket abandonment emails for quick returns that can justify future investment and then graduate to more sophisticated automation process.

Right offer, right person, right time– Magic of Automation!

There are ample number of extras that become possible with marketing automation like the usage of dynamic content. It can be used more freely than ever before making your content flow to your viewer at the right time. The future of digital marketing is relevant communications for sure. Right offer, right person, right time and right channel. Marketing automation will help with a better behavioural database that will also help marketers to specifically do user activity testing than the normal subject line testing and email testing.


Marketing automation is all about nurturing your customers, based on their implicit demands. While it is not a one night wonder game to all the marketing challenges, if implemented well with the right technology partner or an ESP, it would surely double the bottom lines you see from your traditional email campaigning.

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