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Every brand goes a lot more beyond just look and feel! A brand is a brand – to be able to be recognized by its consumers. Email marketing is that one tool that is efficient enough to land your brand into the recipient’s inboxes – just a click away for them to read. Email marketing is pursued to be a tool to drive just sales, by most if not all marketers. What we fail to realize is that its reach can be leveraged to raise brand awareness by educating your audiences, thereby increasing sales for your company ultimately!

Brand recognition is an important outcome of any marketing activity, which cannot be ignored. It is important for the consumers to remember or recall your brand when they actually want to put to use your products or services. This is where brand awareness walks into the frame and email marketing, with its benefits is just the right tool for your branding activity – with people glued to their Personal Digital Assistants such as mobile phones, tablets & computer screens.

An email that is power packed with every element of your brand must be catchy enough to create a brand recall. The following divine rules can help you achieve the brand marketing benefit at its optimum:


Brand consistency is the rule if you want your consumers or subscribers to remember what your brand looks like and is all about. Most companies today have consistent logos, fonts, color, tone, content, signatures, templates & graphics across their various social media pages and the website. Hence, why should your email be any different? Your marketing email must also contain consistent brand assets according to the brand guidelines that can help strengthen the reader’s preferences about your business.

Your readers must be able to go swagger through your newsletter – homepage or blog, all at utmost ease. Consistency helps you voice your message very clearly. Templates can be of great help to keep your emails consistent as they retain the brand elements from week to week.

Consistency may also be achieved by sending your emails at a fixed and specific time and decided specific time intervals. That way, your readers will hear from you exactly when they are expecting. Thus, every element in your email communication must be strong enough to push your brand.


Content is a strong way to let your audience’s know that you know what you are talking about. Content provides tremendous opportunities to push your brand, which must all be utilized. Newsletters, blogs or emails – all of it must have content that teaches your audience something valuable. Provide a solution or benefit through your content. This makes your brand their problem solver which would ultimately lead to a stage where the readers would recall your brand and come back to you for assistance with future projects.

The content you push forward on your social pages, website or emails must be well compartmentalized. Also, the proportions for different purposes must clearly be defined. Content flowing out in the form of tips, tricks, valuable information, etc. should be given maximum weightage. Promotional content or offers to induce sale should ideally form a minimum proportion of your content as you don’t want to look pushy all the time! Also, sharing information shared by others in the industry is a good way to get your brand registered amidst your peers as well. Also, every Email must have that winning CTA that tempts the reader to act – benefitting your brand of course!

Purpose of your Email

No email shall be able to deliver the message clearly if the purpose of the email has not been visualized. What is it that you are trying to convey with your email? Launch of a new service? Any special offers? Informative articles? Delivering this month’s newsletter? Or anything that you think would also help you to increase brand awareness!

The email should fall out in a proper flow where the reader must never feel lost or unattended while reading. The instructions from travelling to the website or store must be clear in your emails which can be facilitated with the help of well-placed CTAs. All the various platforms connected with your email must be bridged well, to facilitate easy navigation. This is where the consistent brand elements would benefit you the most!

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