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Mailable Microsites could be your newest Inbox visitors!

Yeah you heard us right…. We are totally basking in what the words ‘Mailable Microsites’ have to offer and we like the word already! … and why not? We share our initials too, the Monks and the Monastery! 😉 Pun things apart, the word Mailable Microsites has been buzzing since the beginning of the year now and is coming up as the new definition of what email evolution would lead us to!

Chad White, at the end of his book on email marketing states, “The emails of the future will be much more like sending subscribers a microsite than a static message”. These emails have the potential to let the subscriber read the message, watch a video, browse through a few products and place an order – ALL OF IT without leaving their divine INBOX! Such is the sanctity of these mail-able microsites aided by the wide array of email functionality they can offer; opening another qualified dimension in the world of email marketing altogether. Below is a brief of what we could be looking at under these much hyped words:


Navigation bars in email header can generate a great amount of clicks thereby facilitating conversions. Due to the space constraints in mobile email, marketers and designers choose to move the navigation bars to the bottom of the email. This has led to the rise of hamburger menus in emails for making the best use of the limited space real estate on mobile viewing environments.


Embedding video in emails with effective fallback images has already worked well in email marketing. Many subscribers do not prefer visiting an actual landing page for the purpose of watching the video, and mailable microsites allowing the same along with email client wide compatibility can sure come in handy.

Product and Content Browsing

Email carousels shall evolve for ease in product browsing under the mailable microsite functionality. Browse-able email content can literally cut down the product browsing steps by a few, increasing the conversion rate.

Live Content

Dynamic content has already evolved as component of email marketing that lets you cater relevant and dynamic email copies. Live Content has the potential to take it beyond that. Highly accurate content under this category can deliver live weather forecasts, stock situations, etc. within the emails based on the time of opens.


In-email payments may start to get more recognized as an easy way of making payments. Google’s Pony Express is a well-known development in this section of in-email functionalities.

There is little time to wait before the future of mailable microsites is shaped across email marketing fraternities. Let us know about your thoughts on the subject in the comments below. Email Monks shall soon come up with a few examples of mailable microsites, with a lot more details and what they have to possibly offer across varied industries. Till then, keep around 🙂

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