Making Newsletters Work – Resolving the top 4 questions!

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Monthly or quarterly email newsletters are one of the most effective ways to communicate with your stakeholders. It gives them a clear and concise picture on what’s hot and what’s not! Newsletters have changed a lot and over the period of time, newsletters are becoming more interactive and engaging. Monks present to you a cheat sheet with major things to consider for your upcoming newsletter:

1. Where should I start?

Strategize – That is what we exactly do at Email Monks every month! Our Email Wisdoms newsletter is really one of its kind and we take time out to strategize our upcoming issues. We incorporate the issues and challenges that our earlier newsletters faced and try resolving them in the next newsletters. It’s required to strategize on the kind of content you want to giveaway in your newsletter before just applying hands on the design and coding.  If you have a good strategy, your newsletter will be a CONTENT ROCKSTAR. Good content means more engagement.

2. What increases engagement?

It is mission critical to learn from your past and apply innovation. Learn the kind of things that didn’t work out in your past campaigns. Analyze the same and incorporate the subscribers’ feedback in your upcoming issues, like we do in Email Wisdoms. Continuous innovation binds subscribers. Incorporate video in newsletters, GIFs work well with some of the email clients too, showcasing workplace stories also lure subscribers. Consider free giveaways, infographics, contests, polls as add ons covered up in your one of the sections.

3. What should I do with my loyal followers?

Well, it’s good to have loyal followers firstly. Spend time with them. Track the social sharing and forward to a friend to get a precise understanding of who is closely following your newsletter. Make sure they remain engaged. Give them a special attention by showing some love through coupons, discounts and offerings.

4. Which best practices should I consider?

Consider designing newsletters for mobile and desktop users, both. Provide unsubscribe options and send the newsletter only as desired by the subscriber in the preference center. If you are using an ESP, keep updating your email lists so that you maintain the list’s hygiene and do not hurt your domain reputation. Sending newsletters to the subscribers who do not want to engage over time might hurt the reputation and on account of that your newsletter might hit the spam box of your loyal followers too. This will reduce the overall engagement. Also, not optimizing for mobile and cross-platforms might decrease the engagement from such an audience.

Wrapping it up, increasing the engagement on your newsletter is really vital. Test the subject lines, links, buttons, fonts and colors. See what worked best and what didn’t. Giveaway attention grabbing and compelling content and a keep a track of all the loyal subscribers. Hire an agency that provides PSD to Newsletter HTML service. And there you goready to engage your subscribers!

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