With marketing soaring new heights by dividing itself across the multi-channels available and relationship building, marketers have literally a hundred things to take care about! On the other hand, email marketing has been identified as one of the very effective marketing channels across all businesses and thus it is important to see to it that your email marketing channel does not take a back seat due to scarcity of time and is utilized up to its full potential. This post is just about it; discussing how an average marketer divides their time along with a few takeaways to manage time across the email marketing clock!!

This post contains graphs addressing the two major questions on the subject; how does the average email marketer divide their time for across many email marketing campaign tasks he addresses and how email marketers spend their time based on the pace of technology used by them.

“How does the average email marketer divide their time?”

According to the report, main chunks of time were taken away for developing creative content followed by campaign development and segmentation, taking away 57% of their time, leaving very little time to be apportioned across other integral activities of an email marketing campaign; also reflecting upon the fact that the basic steps of setting up an email campaign take away too much of most email marketer’s time. The graph below reflects more on it!

How does an average email marketer spend their time?

Source: Econsultancy’s Email Marketing speed Imperative in association with Dot Mailer

Most marketers spare very little time to chart their email strategy which is the epicenter of such an unusual distribution of time. More time spent on email strategy would reap a streamlined process, efficient to save enough time on the major blocks such as segmentation and content. Increased attention to advanced segmentation against the 5% stated here, would help reap more benefits from these email campaigns in terms of revenues as well.

The following graph depicts how email marketers spend their time based on whether they have slow, medium or fast technology!

The marketers using easy and fast systems spend 45% less time on campaign deployment and 250% more time on strategy as compared to the marketers using slower systems. Also, marketers using slower email technologies can allot only 8% of their email marketing time to email testing as compared to marketers using a high paced technology who are able to allot 14% of their time to testing.

Time spent based on the pace of technology equipped

Source: Econsultancy’s Email Marketing speed Imperative in association with Dot Mailer

Observations from this chart showcase the heightened importance of fast paced systems to be able to give enough time to integral email activities such as strategy, segmentation and testing. The improvements from testing are aimed at long-term success, with both negative and positive results helping to build future strategies. Besides, testing always works!


  • Spare more time on ‘inevitable for success’ email activities such as strategizing, advanced segmenting, list cleansing and flawless automation.
  • Based on the requirements of the business, resort to tools and technology that facilitate easy and fast deployment of your email marketing campaign.
  • Try keeping your basic email structure ready on the go. Remove any room for errors and save time by presetting elements such as from address, to address, unsubscribe updates, etc.
  • Pre-define the unsubscribe link as a footer in every email so that you don’t have to worry about that rule of compulsion.
  • Plan for your campaigns ahead of time with email schedules in place that go hand in hand with your social messages for higher email effectiveness and conversion; that ways you will be able to manage your email marketing time better 🙂

Source: Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2014 in association with Adestra

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