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Meet the very handsome – INBOX by Google!

Google introduced the spectacular ‘Inbox’ – an application made with the primary purpose of helping Google email client users from the wrath of an inundated inbox! Before you get overwhelmed by the overflowing inbox, go for ‘Select All’ and ‘Trash’ – this application by Google sure deserves a try; only then you will know: this is possibly the future of email!

Before we go ranting about the super regimenting skills ‘Inbox’ possesses, it is important at this point to clarify that this introduction is not a replacement to Gmail; but is more like a parallel platform of viewing emails – made to escalate the email viewing experience quotient to a new high.

‘Inbox’ at the moment is restricted to be used on an ‘invite only’ basis but it already seems powerful enough to revolutionize the way readers read and interact with their emails. Available in the form of a web version and an application, the app’s systematizing skills are surely worth looking at; mostly because of the interesting functionality it provides with its lucrative features!

Let’s take a look at the gripping features…

Most of these special features are inclined towards making inbox management easy and interesting with the help of organizing to always keep the most important stuff above – no matter how old is the email! The features position themselves as little things that help you get back to what matters! Let’s take a look:

• BUNDLES – Messages of similar nature get identified and bundled to be dealt with at once. With 7 bundling types pre-made for you, you can even teach your ‘Inbox’ how to function by customizing your bundle preferences.

• HIGHLIGHTS – Messages of extreme importance get identified to be looked at without opening the email! This feature serves you the preview in a horizontal scroll for easy and quick viewing at just a glance.

• REMINDERS – Going beyond just emails, ‘Inbox’ can also work like your own to-do list that allows you to schedule reminders, making it a centralized place to get back to for all your commitments. Now if there are reminders, it allows you the option to SNOOZE too, yes for postponing replies as well – whenever you think you are ready!

Going beyond, ‘Inbox’ offers the pinning and sweeping content feature too, so that it will stay of prompt attention or swiped out of your way – based on the option you choose! Pretty cool, huh!


…and now to the benefits & future of email!

1. ‘Inbox’ does not aim at just providing emails in a chronology, instead it chooses to go beyond and use relevant data to speculate the important messages for you that deserve priority.

2. ‘Inbox’ makes taking actions towards emails very easy – aided by its snoozing, pinning and reminding features.

3. Attachments would no longer be buries below the message and will instead be shown as a part of the previews in ‘Inbox’ – residing just a tap away.

4. ‘Inbox’ brings each one your priority to one place – your emails, your to-do lists & your ‘not so important’ emails too!

Inbox Product Director, Alex Gawley states – “We think this is the inbox designed for the problems we’re going to see in the next 10 years, and that’s how we’re going to build on this!”


… this app got us zapped! We almost forgot, what about developing marketing emails for ‘Inbox’???

The introduction of improved HTML capabilities continues to change user interaction with their emails. Inbox by Google will look and function in a whole new way. Would the existing HTML frameworks work for this change or will email marketers have to keep up with the change, by coming up with new templates, remains a question for this year! However, the Monks speculate:

1. Images may be better utilized for a higher CTR from the preview itself.
2. The importance of lengthy content in emails may decline.
3. The open rates may decline if the app can identify email as a marketing email or worse: spam!
4. Chances of email non-opens due to bundling may increase! Or; on the other hand, bundles may cause emails to have the reader’s attention in its entirety.
5. Email marketers would be required to optimize email templates in a way that fits best to Inbox’s viewing environment.

Request an invite with an email on to get started and explore a whole new and easy email viewing environment. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below 🙂

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