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Monks believe that to get the most out of your marketing investments, you need to devote your funds to the mediums that are most preferred by your clients..

Email marketing is much scorned at and believed to be uncompetitive in the face of trendier marketing channels. However, it should not come as a surprise to know that shoppers are still deeply dependent on it.

The Economist, in one of its latest surveys says that, consumers still consider email as the most important medium for both pre-purchase and post-purchase information.

At our monastery, we monks constantly try to keep up with the latest trends happening in our world of automated technology aka emails and recently, we couldn’t help but notice how email campaigners have started shedding static content for more personalized and dynamic email data.

For those of you wondering what we’re chanting about, a dynamic content is a powerful way to automatically target your email campaign content to each individual recipient. It is tailor-made for individuals and unlike static files; it repeatedly refreshes the content carrying dynamic tags as the page or email is displayed to the viewer.

Dynamic content helps rejuvenate email marketing amazingly. Go through these ideas of live and interactive email content and find out how you can use them for superior emails!

Digital timer

  • Best used when you want to advertise an upcoming event or time-sensitive information.
  • Digital timers in your emails pinpoint the number of weeks, days or seconds that are left for your advertisement to end.
  • Not only do timers increase animation in your content, they also add a sense of urgency to your mails and make them more relevant.
  • Can be implemented for upcoming or ongoing discounts or sales, voucher codes or for registration for an upcoming event.

Location-based content

  • Make sure your personalization attempts matter – use location based information to develop the instant connection with your viewers.
  • Boost location targeting by combining new data with existing demographic information.
  • Your shopper’s geographical data can be merged with previous purchases and browsing history to help campaigners meticulously aim at the right group and earn better ROIs.

Popular Oss

  • It is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of the kind of devices your clients use. A growing number of consumers use cell phones to read emails and interact with marketers.
  • Having an insight on the kind of operating system your subscribers use can help in successful customization of design and content elements in your campaign.
  • Develop a mobile app for your brand. This makes it easier for users to engage with and download information related to your brand.

Use your best performing image

  • Inflate your click-through rates by using your best performing image.
  • The best images are generally uncomplicated and encompassed in a single column for easy referrals.
  • You can conclude which image generates the best response by practicing split test images in real-time.

All in all, though email remains one of the most widely chosen platforms for marketing, readers tend to be very finicky about the type of information they wish to seek in their mails. Thus, it is prudent to provide viewers with content that is personal and relevant at the same time. Through dynamic and real-time content, your mailer is sure to catch the shopper’s eye in-spite of bulky inboxes!

Take a look at our Dynamic Content Infographic to understand more about utilizing real-time content in email marketing. Here are some more interesting resources about Dynamic Content:


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