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Mobile optimized email delivery – It’s a smarter pilgrim process in vogue!

Technologies evolve with time and so do the users’ outlook. While most of the consumers & prospects are befriending smartphones, it is imperative for the marketers to make a striking digital manoeuvre that can match up & exceed the users expectations in terms of mobile-optimized content. As more people tend to go ‘smart’, accessing the internet on their phones; gratuitously more than 44 percent of emails are now read on mobile devices. With more and more people reading their emails on the go, it is now critically important for marketers to understand how to create an effective mobile email.

Talking emails, most marketers witness challenges in terms of Delivery, Renderability, Listing, Laws etc. One in 10 consumers are trialing their primary personal email accounts on handheld devices, according to Forrester Research, and that percentage is poised for continued growth. For that reason, optimizing emails for cross-platform performance is the No. 1 challenge for email marketers — emails have to render well on a wide spectrum of mobile devices.

Why is there a need for such optimization? A recent email survey of more than 1 billion opens from the Litmus customers worldwide, EmailMonks found climacteric statistics. Opens in the mobile devices, have increased by 80% in the last six months. We found an uninterrupted transition in the opens from the desktop to webmail and furthermore enshrined to mobile in last few months. As you can observe in the Litmus survey, since Feb there was a convergence between the three modes and it was then when mobile outperformed most others.

Meanwhile, new data out from eMarketer indicates mobile is also a growing hub for online purchases. According to their report mobile sales increased by more than 80% in 2012 and should increase about 55% in 2013; researchers suggest mobile commerce will represent about 15% of all retail ecommerce by the end of 2013. A common notion among marketers is that consumers will preview an email on a mobile device, then open it later on a desktop computer. However, research by Knotice found that over 95% of email opens occurred on only one device, highlighting the importance of delivering an optimal experience across devices.

Source: Litmus Infographics

Mobile Device Open Rates

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