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Sometimes, doing things in routine leaves no room for innovation. While you may not lose anything, you are not gaining either. Occasionally, a session of idea exchanges among peers can work wonders in breaking the monotony of being stuck to the plateaued performance. This is especially a scenario in the realm of email marketing. So, when you are in the presence of peers from the same domain, you tend to function better and think innovatively. EmailMonks felt the same when we attended Litmus Live from 17-19th Sept at Boston.

Following is a glimpse of some of the knowledge nuggets, email marketers like you and me have learnt from different sessions:

Lisa Keller @lisackeller

Consumers have the average attention span of 11.1 seconds in #email, slightly more than a goldfish can hold attention. What does that mean word wise? 50 WORDS OR LESS #BrevityOverBloat #litmuslive

Litmus @Litmusapp.

Optimizing for clicks, opens, and conversions isn’t enough, says @MrDrewPrice #LitmusLive

“When coding mobile-first, it’s important to not use !important declarations.” @chrissmith77 #LitmusLive

Deliverability gets you to the party, inbox placement gets you into the door. #LitmusLive

Modular design allows you to standardize your process. It improves collaboration, efficiency, and helps you test ideas quicker. #LitmusLive

Have a Master email template ready-to-go for any last moment email campaigns. Get in touch with our Monks to have yours created.

“Progressive enhancement is like a broken escalator. Even when the escalator isn’t working, you can still take the stairs.” @alicemeichi #LitmusLive

An email with sky-high engagement that doesn’t meet your strategic goal is ultimately a failure. #LitmusLive

“An email playbook is not a style guide. It’s a hub for best practices, inspiration, case studies, resources, and more.” @shannon_crabill #LitmusLive

“The worst call-to-action is too many call-to-actions.” #LitmusLive

An un-designed email is personal. It’s from a human, reads like a note, and feels more like a letter from a friend than a campaign from a company. @hollygowrightly #LitmusLive

Chad S. White (@chadswhite)

Email accessibly is not about accommodation so much as it is about inclusion. People have permanent, temporary, and situational impairments. @jaimebradley @logansandrock #LitmusLive

Accessibility in emails is the talk of the town. Learn how you can widen your customer base as well as delight your existing customer by creating accessible emails.

Great advice from Robin Parish of Wistia about email marketing project management–the role of the PM and team members, setting deadlines, communicating effectively, etc. So important as email is integrated into other channels and departments. #LitmusLive.

How to give good feedback ~Robin Parish of Wistia #LitmusLive

The “one breath test”: Read your email. If you run out of breath before reaching the first CTA, then shorten that text. ~AJ Jacob, UN Foundation #LitmusLive.

Justine Jordan @meladorri

“People don’t value writing accuracy because they don’t realize how much they write or how often they make mistakes” @MrDrewPrice — great setup for “Make Every Word Count” up next with @tnrt #litmuslive ✍️

Jaina Mistry @jainamistry

Reduce friction and confusion with your subscribers by omitting these common offenders in your email copy. @tnrt #litmuslive

Jason Rodriguez @RodriguezCommaJ

The idea to preload an animated GIF in a hidden div in the body of your document to prevent lag from loading is 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks, @alicemeichi #emaildesign #LitmusLive

Lindsay Brothers @LindsayBro

Great takeaways from @jamiebradley  and @logansandrock #LitmusLive

Cody Wooten @popculturelord

Churn baby churn. Stephanie McKay does the math for you, and if you’re like me you no do math good. Awesome Scoring Equation #litmuslive

Wrapping Up:

Learning is only effective when applied practically. Email marketing is a field that is ever-changing and willingness to learn and implementing innovations can help you score well in your email campaign performance and results. We hope these excerpts from Litmus Live will help you become a better email marketer.

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