Email Excellence Ladder: 2015

Monks’ Ladder to the path of Email Excellence- #2015

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The year 2015 started with a bang for Email Marketing with the ever evolving mind-sets and consumer behavior and thereby required changes in email marketing predictions and trends! With the trends for the current year already set – the only way to make a difference is doing things differently; aided by low effort strategy tweaks that would give your business the required edge backed by high return marketing initiatives! Monks bring you the divine sprig to top your already ossified email marketing strategies for the year; to give it just the right email excellence edge… Read on!

  1. Acquiring email addresses – the audacious way!

Stick by your email database like it’s your shield! To go big and drive extensive revenues it is essential to keep adding new email addresses to your database. A little aggression on this front by using email address capturing methods such as leveraging pop-ups, gateways for premium content, mandatory information fetching at the time of payment, luring to landing pages, etc. can also be practiced for continuous growth of your email database. Moving further – strong retargeting campaigns can also be included in the email strategy instead of going aggressive on the sales promotional emails. Take baby steps – one at a time once the email address is acquired.

  1. The Big Fat Grand Welcome!

A solidified welcome email series is a must and the least you can do for all those effortful email addresses you fetched. This is the time to grab their attention with the best content and offering, impress them and prompt them to contact or engage with you in every way possible. Pull out a grand subscriber lifecycle plan with utmost importance to the welcome email series to make them feel valued and needed for a long term subscriber relationship. Welcome email series is a great way to drive the customers towards additional information points such as email preference centers, as this is the time when the subscriber engagement is at its peak, as compared to the entire subscriber lifecycle time.

  1. Mobile Emails – a work of art on priority!

With mobile devices ruling the market, the number of varied email activities undertaken on a mobile device has as it is increased! A Movable Ink Survey stated that 48% of email opens occurred on a mobile device in Q4, 2014. This number is still set to rise and thus only designing and coding for a mobile viewing environment would not be enough this year. Email marketers need to set ‘Mobile First’ as their goal with a tweaked approach towards CTAs, subject lines, pre header text, etc. that would work best for viewing marketing and transactional emails in a mobile viewing environment.

  1. Segment & reach out – the smart way!

Targeted content has always reaped higher engagement! Targeting can be well taken care of halfway through by segmenting. All those sets of demographic, behavioral and other data you have, needs to be analyzed for actionable ways to utilize big data for targeted emails aka dynamic content. Your various email campaigns, be it reengagement, newsletters, remarketing, preference center collection, etc. must be very well targeted which is only possible through smarter segmentation! Segmenting beyond demographics is the new way email marketers are going to explore other avenues of effective subscriber segmentation for relevance marketing.

  1. Author-preneurship: Your story is your offering- Sell it!

Subscribers sometimes need to be served everything readied on the plate! Your content is your offering and the only way to survive amidst hundreds of knowledge bases is selling your story differently! Your email content must revolve around the aspects that the readers are interested in – key listicles, solutions to common issues, tips and cheat sheets, etc. – this way you are being generic and still serving a large set of your subscribers – just what they need to read. Author-preneurship is the key and there is going to be plenty of it in this year’s email marketing mantras!

Hoping this 5 leafed sprig does wonders to the look and feel of your email marketing dish, this year!

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