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The New Rules of Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor comes up with an amazing report stating the new rules of email marketing. The report talks about the importance of email; need to go mobile, email & social intergration and much more.

As we all know email marketing is the most effectual way of communicating with your subscribers. With the formation of new trends, this channel of communication is getting better and better. Though, digital market has also evolved with many social platforms coming into existence, but marketers rely on email marketing due to its high ROI generation which is 68% more effectual (according to econsultancy).

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Email Grapf- new rules of email marketing

Be it anything, whether a product launch or a new offer emails perform 40X more than social platforms (according to McKinsey). But with the evolving technology this effectual channel of communication is also evolving.

Let Monks walk you through some of the new rules that are now gaining much importance.

Dwell the new era of DIY marketing

Technology is a marvelous gift to us, but it has kept on progressing and so are the marketers. Instead of depending on IT professionals, marketers are now adopting the DIY trend. With a DIY trend more marketers are now turning as data scientists and getting trained with CRM, automation and coding platforms.

Be Responsive…Be Multiscreen

People today don’t log-on to their computers to view their emails, they check it on their phones. Thus, it becomes crucial to match-up with the fast-pace. According to statista there are 4.88 billion mobile users, which makes responsive quite indispensable. This graph of Campaign Monitor explains it all.

Email open graph- rules for email marketing

Today, mobile ready templates are a must have and for that a good ESP is quintessential. They will also ensure that your emails look captivating no matter what screen size it is.

Be Relevant or Rest in the Spam Folder

Monks has preached this many times that if your emails aren’t relevant to your subscribers then get ready to for the complaints. This is the age of personalization and relevancy where people seek more than just usual information. Providing them exactly what they require will certainly increase your CTRs but like a bread requires its jam, relevancy requires personalization. An accurately personalized and relevant email sent at the right time can set your revenue to the new track.

According to Experian personalized emails get 26% more CTRs than emails without personalization.

Dive into the New Age of Analytics

Today, analytics have become crucial as 94% of the marketers are now investing in data and analytics capabilities. It is essential to understand the behavior of your subscriber so you can send them relevant emails. Analytics, on the other hand makes this process hassle-free by tracking the journey of a subscriber.

According to Campaign Monitor, 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last 12 months.

Analytics Graph- Email marketing rules

Form testing subject lines to adapting messages, today email marketers are focusing more towards continuous improvement and try to make every email campaign better than the previous one.

Make everything easier by A/B testing

Testing everything before sending is vital. According to a survey A/B testing can improve the conversion rate upto 49%. A/B testing can improve the performance of your email campaigns. Get to know which subject line, CTA, and links worked best for your subscriber and plan the campaign accordingly.

Push a trigger

Subscribers are always in need of emails despite the overload. Send them the triggered automated campaigns. Of all the various messages, transactional emails receive 8X higher open rates.

Transactional Emails Graph- Email marketing rules


  • Email is a great communication channel
  • Email rules and dominates social media
  • Marketers are becoming DIY technologists
  • Relevancy matters
  • Analytics and data has become important than ever
  • Transactional emails are good to engage subscribers

Source: Campaign Monitor

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