Nifty Tips To Crack The Email Marketing Code in the Second Half of 2014

With each turning page on the calendar the market scenario changes and everyone is left gasping for getting a hold on the new ways to deal with this change; the email world being one of the most dynamic one changes at a neck breaking speed. But worry not the Monks always have mantras that will come to your rescue and help you keep pace with the ever changing digital antics.

Here we bring to you the list of most talked about email marketing challenges and techniques to help overcome them. These techniques will help you alter your email marketing strategy to give your brand salience and conversion rates a healthy boost in the second half of 2014.

1. Increasing Subscriber Engagement

OK, you have got a long list of subscribers yet those click throughs are just not coming in! Why is that now? It’s cause your subscribers are not engaged with your brand. Now the question is how you engage them, well here is where your big data comes into play. Dig into all the data you have collected and analyze it to derive your subscribers’ behavioral patterns and other useful insights to help understand their interests, their needs, the best time bands for sending them emails, etc. On the basis of your data segment them on parameters like level of activity, frequency of click throughs, psychographic patterns, demographics, source of email acquisition and other important aspects. This way you can make sure people receive customized emails that they are more likely to open and click through. This will also ensure that people are able to relate to your brand more closely.

2. Identifying Inactive Subscribers and Reengaging Them

Every email program has certain subscribers that show no or little interest in the program. These inactive subscribers, need to be identified and segmented into two major categories, one – subscribers who are almost lost on the brand and other – subscribers who still express some interest in the brand. Upon identification two separate campaigns should be launched for reengaging the subscribers belonging to these two categories. These campaigns can be carried out in various formats like special promotions, questionnaires, requests for updating email preferences/frequency. The content for these emails also needs to be refurbished to ensure that it is in sync with the interests of the subscribers to elevate the open rate, CTR and thereby the conversions.

3. Increasing/Launching Automated Email Campaigns

Triggered emails have proved to be a source of high ROI. Research has found that behaviorally – targeted trigger email campaigns achieve 30% higher open and click-through rates and three times the conversion rates of broadcast email. Setting up a triggered email strategy can be time consuming but the results are worth the effort, once you are decided upon the actions that trigger the emails you can setup automated workflows which, will make it an easier practice. Instead of shooting emails aimlessly to your entire subscriber list, send triggered and behaviorally aligned emails to attain a higher ROI. If you are already following this practice, heighten your efforts and discover new areas where you can employ triggered emails for better results. For knowing more on triggered emails and how you could use them, you could refer to one of our earlier infographic posts –

If you have any other tips to overcome the current email marketing challenges, do drop a line in our comment box.

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