PostUp joins Return Path’s Partner Program For Better Deliverability Optimization

One of the leading Email Service Providers, PostUp, is now offering Return Path Optimization through their platform. Austin, Texas-based PostUp has achieved integrating Return Path’s email deliverability optimization products through Return Path partner program basically aiming to bring its clients capabilities that include seed testing, render previews and device detection in turn leading to optimum inbox placement.

Clients will be able to use various Return Path features through PostUp’s platform.  Customers will be able to manage campaigns, analyze results and do so much more using PostUp UI. PostUp has claimed themselves to be the first ESP that has backed Return Path’s suite to their email platform.

The integrated Email Optimization suite includes the following Return Path products:

  • Reputation Monitor
  • Inbox Insight
  • Return Path Certification
  • Inbox Monitor
  • Inbox Preview
  • Email Client Monitor

Inbox Monitor and Preview are built into Postup send workflow whereas; Email Client Monitor is integrated with reporting, allowing marketers to obtain stats and use them for future campaign planning. Reputation Monitor and Inbox Insight will remain stand alone for the time being.

Some of the other features include:

  • Device detection to aid in future targeting, segmentation and campaign strategy
  • Detection of deliverability issues at the inbox provider level (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) before they impact an email program
  • Competitive intelligence for brands, giving insight into competitors’ campaign creative and email campaign performance statistics

According to officials from Postup “Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Experian Marketing services, which also offer similar functionality. But they do so in the form of “add-ons” that are not baked into the core platform from day 1.” Additionally they mentioned “We also have Return Path’s panel data in addition to seed list, it will help users get precise data for inbox placement.”

It would be great seeing how users would benefit from such integration.

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