Re-engagement Emails- The Divine Jackfruit

One of the recent surveys held by Marketing Sherpa stated that 75% of email subscribers are inactive. The reasons can be many, but the thought of having inactive subscribers is itself a nightmare. This nightmare can even terrify your services as subscribed, but inactive consumers can badly hurt your engagement rates. This can also increase the chances for your services to be flagged as spam. This condition is being encountered by many email marketers. So, how to amend this?

This is the situation when re-engagement email template examples can act as your savior. Re-engagement email templates can turn your dead emails into a divine jackfruit.

Why re-engagement email is called a divine jackfruit?

Re-engagement email helps in carrying forward a positive effect on subscriber’s engagement. According to one of the recent surveys, 45% of re-engagement email receivers read the emails subsequently.

To know more how this divine jackfruit can bring life to your dead email list, Monks came up with a well-constructed and thoroughly researched infographic. Sit back, relax and get yourself a steamy cup of coffee and enjoy this informative infographic.

Re-engagement email Infographic


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