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Most marketers plan and implement email marketing strategies integrating it with content creation. It sometime though becomes immensely difficult to provide engaging content at a regular point of time. Subscribers once permit you to send an email does not necessarily mean that they will be with you for the rest of your life. They can anytime opt out or un-engage depending upon several factors.

There are  a wide array of factors that can motivate a subscriber to stop engaging with your email communications like the message volume, frequency, irrelevancy etc. They might be reading your email subject lines but not really opening it or clicking for further actions. Re-engaging with them is important however you should ensure that this does not lead to domain reputation issue.


Why could subscribers stop reading your emails?

  • Increased Email Frequency
  • Decreased Email Frequency
  • Poor Domain Reputation
  • Subscribers are one time offer seekers
  • Irrelevant email communication them
  • Inappropriate email timings

The two major impact points and pain areas are deliverability and revenue losses. When subscribers stops engaging with your content, the cost per email sent increase drastically. Over and above, the ISPs identify your communication as SPAM if the subscribers stop engaging and you repeatedly send same communication to them over and over.

So, what should a re-engagement campaign be like?

Firstly, set your re-engagement aim. Determine your target audience, identify the regular genuine subscriber and separate them out from the one time offer seekers. Understand the motivation levels of your individual subscribers and try and run a behavior based email campaign.

Analyze the past behavior and the history of the subscribers. Design an email communication with a stronger call to action, remind them about the value proposition and design a different subject line for the non-openers. There are ways in which you can approach the non-openers. Try to test your campaigns with a small list. Also, try to see what timings work best.

Summing up, these re-engagement techniques will surely help drive engagement, better clicks and more opens. Please ensure that while re-engaging with the subscribers you do not break the ISP laws and guidelines and hurt your domain reputation.

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