Retina Email Infographic – Overhauling User Experience with High Quality Display!

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With every thought, concept and strategy for your email to have the perfect email design – designers and coders sometimes still lose on results in devices with retina displays owing to blurred images, logos or icons and an unsatisfactory display. Retina Email is the devout solution to this issue.

If you have read marketing emails on Apple devices and a few full HD smartphones you may have noticed that some graphics look a little blurred. Standard-resolution bitmap images are the ones that tend to look blocky on a retina display and when scaled bigger, do not remain smooth.

With Apple devices capturing a considerable share of the market, it’s important that marketers take advantage of the impact that a higher resolution has to offer. The clarity of images used in your emails has a splendid impact on your subscribers. Creating perfect graphics with the right size and scale using Retina Email tactics would ensure optimized emails for better metrics rates.

On that note, Email Monks present you the meticulously designed infographic on ‘RETINA EMAIL’ that would help you redefine the way people look at images in their emails.

Retina Email Infographic

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