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Send great looking emails using MailChimp Subscription for free: Divine experts at help!

Is email marketing a crucial part of your business’s marketing strategy?? We bring pleasant news for you.. For all the email marketers out there who utilize Mailchimp for sending out marketing emails to your subscribers, here’s inviting you to avail a free Mailchimp subscription for 3 full months. All you would have to do is order your email template through Mailchimp approved experts, EmailMonks is one of them; and it’s yours to avail.

Since EmailMonks is a Mailchimp Approved Expert with an experience of coding 10000+ email templates, your marketing emails can be in our best hands. Our clean and hand-coded responsive emails can be easily integrated with major ESPs and render very well across 40+ email clients, and are checked beforehand by our QA experts of course!

Now, about the Mailchimp Free Subscription we have been ranting about…

As a MailChimp Approved Expert, it is our chance to offer you the additional benefit. It’s as easy as placing a new email template order with us and get a 3-month subscription to MailChimp services absolutely for free, no matter what kind your current Mailchimp plan is!

How to avail the free subscription offer?

  1. Submit your PSD to Email Template order with Email Monks,
  2. Provide us your MailChimp username. Once shared, the Monks will send it across to MailChimp with a copy of the paid invoice.
  3. Wait for Mailchimp to confirm. Once they process your information your free 3 months of unlimited mailing services shall be added to your account. (If you do not have a MailChimp account, you can create one here for free and continue from step 2.)

Order your email template with us soonest and avail 3 months of Mailchimp’s heavenly email services for FREE! 🙂

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