Sevenfold verses to know your Lord

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Customer is the king, likewise Subscriber is a God. All of us like to know more about our Lord. Isn’t it? It’s the time to know your subscribers. Haven’t you heard it a lot many times about sending the personalized emails? Personalized emails to your subscribers can often get you the best results.

The Marketing Sherpa 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report found that 99% of marketers surveyed reported that segmenting campaigns based on subscriber behavior was “somewhat to very effective.”

How do you get to know your subscribers well? Monks will help you to get acquainted with your subscribers, through some simple techniques listed below:

Set up a preference center
You can ask visitors questions about themselves right on the sign up form. Ask anything from interests to frequency preference, then segment your list based on those responses.

Track Web Form Usage
Connect a specific “ad tracking” keyword associated with each sign up form. Use that to find out which page subscribers used to sign up. That shall determine the interest and motivation of each subscriber uniquely.

Broadcast a Survey
Find out more about your subscribers by asking questions in your broadcast message. You can provide multiple choice answers for them to click on, and then you can segment a list based on a particular link that was clicked.

Ask for Feedback
Ask your subscribers if they like a particular email by including “Yes” and “No” buttons or a rating scale. Not only will you learn what they majority likes; you’ll have a better idea of what each subscriber likes on record.

Get Creative
Go beyond surveys and present preference options to your subscribers in a fun way. Set up an email that offers subscribers different things to click on based on what they find most interesting.

Send a Google Docs Survey
You can easily set up surveys through Google. Send subscribers a link to your Google Docs Surveys and check out their answers there. It’s free!

Split Test Your Messages
Split tests your broadcasts to find out how your subscribers react to different versions of your messages. Do they respond to a specific call to action? A different format? Find out what works and you might see more sales.

Having known your God, you can then personalize your communication accordingly. We hope the post enlightened you. Do share your experience commenting below.

(Source: Aweber Communications, Marketing Sherpa)

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