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With the ever changing needs and expectations of subscriber preferences along with the competitive means of marketing, requires the marketers to think ahead of time and stay among the few winning marketing pedestals. Lean email marketing tips poses as one of the solutions to be able to stay ahead in the race against other marketing channels.

The Lean Email Marketing methodology clasps its roots to the lean start up methodology. The basis of lean start up methodology is given by the concept of minimum viable product (MVP). The lean start up methodology is a process that resorts to constant iteration of ideas, prototypes, presentation, etc. from data collection, feedback analysis and learning up to a point where a desirable market fit (referred as MVP above) is obtained.

How does Lean Email Marketing Work?

  1. Lean email marketing grabs content and communication ideas from the feedback that is derived collectively from comments, emails, social media and industry news exclusively penned by your email readers. These ideas then shape content for future needs, content for testing, etc. to find new ways to solve the subscriber’s problems.
  2. Lean email marketing does not push the products and instead aims to stay on the beacon of problem solving for subscriber’s; not necessarily with a product or service offering.
  3. Lean email marketing model would not work if you do not constantly iterate based on the feedback acquired and hence requires experimenting on the basis of data observations.

Benefits associated with Lean Email Marketing!

  1. The Lean email marketing approach provides a scientific manner of creating and managing email content that appeals to and is most desired by your subscribers; faster.
  2. This approach allows you to face email marketing failures faster, which does not impact your business revenues massively, allowing you to fail cheaper. Lean email marketing effectively eliminates uncertainty as it is based on the feedback received.
  3. Lean email marketing ultimately leads to organic audience growth as a result of constant social media sharing by existing followers and further also from the members of earned media.

Lean Email Marketing Tips to follow:

  1. Do not miss out on collecting a single email address:

Keep collecting email addresses from across all major points on your website – without overdoing it. Email addresses are a real asset and missing out on even one of them implies missing out on a potential customer. There is a lot in the form of newsletter, premium content, case studies, e-books, etc. that you can give away against the email address and that would help you gauge the kind of content that is more appealing. Also, the increased subscriber base would give you a larger audience to solicit feedback from. Remember, if the site isn’t up and live, marketers can collect email addresses with a ‘Coming Soon’ webpage as well – and there would never be anything wrong about it!

  1. Engage in constant observing of data:

Use data to observe the topics that are resonating with readers. Keep testing varipus email elements to know what is approved by the readers. Give them an address to reply back to – the most honest feedback can be received that way. Besides, measure all sets of subscriber email behavior data such as open rates, CTR, etc. If you observe good results, practice whatever caused them, more often & vice versa. It is essential to keep an eye on the unsubscribe rates as well; everything collectively shall help you send better email.

  1. Use feedback to constantly iterate:

In spite of receiving oodles of data from your email readers, if you do not act upon it – your lean email marketing methodology would go all wrong and would not reap you any benefits. Since your email content is to appeal to your readers, you need to give them exactly what they expect to read – which is possible only through quick iterations based on the feedback and suggestions acquired. Try and identify if there are patterns in the feedback you receive and spend more time with your subscribers to understand more about them.

Failing fast and still evolving is the rule here. Miserably failing with a smaller email list would benefit you more in the future when you have thousands of people signed-up to your email list. Go! Go! Go! Grab that feedback and resort to lean email marketing, before you shoot your next email campaign.

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