This Valentine’s Day – Think Different, Consider Email More Over Female!

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Valentine’s day is at the doorstep and if you are an email marketer, why not celebrate the Valentine’s day with your email subscribers? Ignoring your spouse or loved one on this special day sounds funny and challenging, but worth a try at your own risk. 😉

Jokes apart, Valentine’s day is certainly a special occasion to spend time with your loved ones, but try to spend some time with your email programs and spread love to your subscribers. How can valentine’s day, teach email marketing lessons in a compassionate and loving way? Monks explore:

Date with your subscribers’ preferences

Dating your partner more often, allows you to explore all the likes and dislikes of your partner. First thing first, subscriber is your God. Nothing works against his will and discretion. Try to utilize this month of love and date with your email subscribers’ preferences. Understand the preferences of your subscribers and ask for their feedback. Make sure your email programs are aligned with your individual subscriber’s preferences. Offer them additional options in the preference center and see how they like it.

Show some love to your social friends

Showing love to your beloved is the essence of valentine’s day. Integrate email with social and show some love to your social friends and followers. Offer them a free trial, giveaway and discounts on your products and services. Blend the offers with email subscription, so that it helps you build email lists. Share the value additions and benefits through email sign-ups. Those who are already loyal brand advocates and subscribers showcase them and provide special attention to them through special offers.

Analyze your past relationships

Valentine’s day is about enhancing your present relationships. Learn from the past relationships and avoid repeating the similar mistakes in your present. For email marketers, analyze your past relationships with your email design, call to actions, subscribers, subject lines and ISPs. See why subscribers ditched you in the past, why did certain subject lines fall for you while some others broke up etc. Learn what didn’t work and what worked wonders. Evaluate your past email programs and subscribers’ behavior, emulate the best campaigns and rework on others that failed.

Differentiate roses and thorns

Differentiate roses from thorns. Identify your most loyal soul mate from the many choices you have and go ahead with the one you find that in. For email marketers, your domain reputation depends on your list’s hygiene and that said; only keep the most loyal and engaged subscribers in your list. Identify those subscribers who haven’t unsubscribed, but at the same time haven’t responded to your email for more than a year and eliminate them from the list.

Don’t hurt your ISPs feelings

Take a lesson from St. Valentine and respect the feelings of others. Be real! As email marketers, don’t hurt the feelings of ISPs. The moment they are hurt, they will hurt you back with a poor domain reputation. Make sure you respect the algorithms of ISPs and keep your email sending practices in sync with the updated algorithms and anti-span acts. This will keep the ISPs happy leading to a long lasting relationship.

Wrapping it all up, if you are an email marketer, considering these small email tips would surely be more beneficial to you. If you do it right, your subscribers would surely say “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.”

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