‘TIS THE SEASON – 10 predictive Holiday Email Marketing strategies for 2013!

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Santa Claus is still oiling the wheels of his sleigh for 2013 but Email Marketers are all gung ho about this holiday season well in advance! Talk about the automated workflows, mobile friendly emails, free shipping or special characters, email marketers globally are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to each and every consumer differently than before this coming season.

So, what are the some hottest email marketing trends for this holiday season in 2013?

1. Marketers will resort to the responsive mobile emails: The shift to the mobile reading and buying has been tremendous. With the capability to render across the viewing environments, responsive mobile email templates can speak to the customers on the move this holiday season.

2. Free Gift Cards: Some of the retailers will be giving away a free gift card moving a step further from the free shipping. During November, the free gift card giveaway will really increase and subscribers will be able to spend that card to buy one more item in their cart.

3. Marketers will use automated workflows: More marketers will by November, focus on personalized event driven, triggered emails. These emails will include welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, lead nurturing emails, customer satisfaction emails, up-coming purchase emails and re-engagement emails. These emails will really shine for the last quarter, especially because of the easy setup offered by the most ESPs. During the holiday season, it is also not wrong to expect if retailers add seasonal imagery and messaging to existing triggered campaigns.

4. Use of Special Characters: Marketers have long back broken the misconceptions about using of special characters in the subject lines. More retailers will be using the same during Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5. Integrate Social with Email: Most marketers will be integrating email with social efforts. This holiday season might be enjoyed more often over various social channels, where the advocates will be themselves busy promoting the deals over social media.

6. Consumer Feedback: Unlike 2012, marketers would not just restrict their emails to holiday season but also try and receive a post purchase feedback from consumers after the season.

7. Recap of the 2012: Many retailers like to breakthrough innovation and a few retailers might re-engage with the subscribers well in advance with catchy subject lines like “We missed you after the last thanksgiving” or possibly “2013 cyber Monday – welcome aboard” or “2012 was just 10%, we got 30% in 2013”. Giving subscribes a re-call if need be, of the past purchase or the past holiday season might help expand bottom lines. If you have missed them then, catch them now!

8. Featured Products and Social Proof: Email Marketers will try and incorporate social proof within emails so to boost the product sales this holiday season. A link to the social profiles explaining how customers are satisfied might do wonders. Certain retailers might as well promote featured products this holiday season.

9. Store Hours and Footer Maximization: Many retailers might also like to display store locations in the footer. They will also maximize the footer with more direct calls to action, ending an email with more sales opportunities.

10. Email Production and Crisis Management: As email marketing makes the corporate branding all the more robust, more companies will have a crisis management plan in place to ensure timely corrective actions in case if there is any error in the campaign. Moreover, retailers will also encourage creative email production to draw attention and create top of the recall amongst subscribers.


Wrapping up, Monks strongly predict that the email marketing strategies for this holiday season 2013 will add creativity, compelling content, featured products, social proof, mobile optimized emails, social integration and a lot more to its gamut. Retailers are going to have a real gala time and merry Christmas this holiday season!

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