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Top 4 Email Marketing Utilities to make the most of your Marketing Campaign !

So, we are at a common consensus about email not being dead. While you are gung ho about your email marketing campaigns, the management would certainly like to hear about the success rate of such campaigns so to break through the ROI skepticalness.

Marketing Automation as a Services (MAAS) is all in vogue with the solutions that enables marketers across the industry to withstand & streamline the convoluted marketing operations in spick and span way.  For this reason, there are solutions that have egressed into the market that provide full email analytics, showing you all the stats like the Opens, Clickthroughs, Opt-in / Opt outs etc.

  • Litmus Email Analytics:  The premise behind the Litmus Email Analytics tool is to offer more insight into your subscribers by revealing details on where they see your messages and how much attention they give them.
  • ReturnPath: Email Intelligence is the unique combination of email data, analytics and insight driven from our efforts over more than a decade in working to solve email’s most difficult challenges. Part of every solution that Return Path provides to its diverse client base, For End Users, Returnpath ensures that only emails people want and expect reach the inbox while protecting them from spam and other abuse and For Marketers, Returnpath optimizes their email programs and achieve high inbox placement rates to improve their email ROI.
  • Pivotal Veracity IBM Unica MailboxIQ: – provides critical insight at the individual email recipient level, providing real intelligence you can learn from, target on, engage with and profit on. Not only this, you can also set the framework for your email reputation through whitelisting, blacklist monitoring, and individual email campaign delivery diagnostics
  • G-Lock Analytics: is an extremely sophisticated email tracking service. With G-Lock Analytics you can quickly understand what happened to your emails after they were sent. For instance, if you are selling products online, and you send out a regular newsletter with a list of new products, you could use G-Lock Analytics to see what your customers are most interested in.

In recent months, companies have begun to develop analytics tools which reveal more information on whether people, for example, read, delete, and forward or print your emails.

To get the most out of the email marketing services that you use, you must have a very acute understanding of the audience opening the emails and whether or not are they actually interested in your OVP by clicking links within the content’s body. This helps you identify whether you hitting the nail on the head or is there a need to revamp your marketing strategy.

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