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Top Five Ways to Boost Email Marketing Results and Impact in 2013

There couldn’t be a better time to strategize final changes and improvements to your 2013 email marketing programs as you ready them for launch. Here are the top five recommendations for boosting email marketing results and impact for 2013.

Permission Based Emails

Sending out the emails without permissions is one of the easiest ways to ruin your marketing efforts. Allow the audience to subscribe to your emailers/newsletters by letting them choose, what they want. Let them have a choice of what to opt-in when they want it in their inbox, how many times are they willing to read you and whether they need simple emails or images etc.

Engagement and Loyalty

Your email list will decide whether the subscribers engaged to your Brands are active or inactive. Most Brands do not update or review their list periodically. Subscribers need a top of the mind recall to remain loyal; interests and preferences change with time and so does the subscription pattern – Marketers need to adapt with such change to ensure the engagement and new acquisition continues. The concept of Engaged Loyalty is about engaging your newly added subscribers in the email list in varied ways that can help increasing the Brand Loyalty of such subscribers as an end result. When it comes to your email list, early and frequent intervention to the disengaged will prevent them from lapsing into a permanent coma.

Go Mobile!

With an increase in the number of people using smartphones, most users read emails on the go. In your email templates and messages, think single column, leaner content, and easier to see and press call-to-action buttons or icons, well-defined landing pages etc. Use Litmus or similar tools to test how your email is showing up in the inbox.

Strategies on the STP

(Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) – It is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to virtual customer profiling. Segmenting the list on the basis of past behavior will help in boosting the bottom lines of future. Triggered email programmes can be built on the basis of the behavioral history of your subscribers or customers. What works and what not really depends on whose being targeted, how and what value is positioned?

Static vs Dynamic Content

Does your email message design still follow a “one size fits all” approach? It doesn’t have to. The use of dynamic content allows date, place and time specific images and copy to be served in an email message so that it is unique to when, where or on which device it is opened. Dynamic content also enables the serving of different copy or images to different subscribers based on individual attributes or segmentation criteria.

if you employing one of these power-boosters, chances are that you will yield an increase in revenue and profits from your email marketing.

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