Unsubscribe Best Practices Infographic: Solving the email relationship crisis

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Last month, we at the monastery explored various unsubscribe examples of a few renowned brands. Unsubscribe has been every email marketer’s nightmare. At a point, where your readers have decided to opt-out, the most you can do, is take a chance by giving them a reason to stay! Your company’s unsubscribe landing page could be this ‘reason to stay’!

Did you know?

  • 35.4% consumers report frequency as the primary reason to unsubscribe!
  • 24.5% of respondents said they unsubscribe because their email is not relevant!
  • 47% of respondents would consider the option to “opt-down” during the unsubscribe process!

To help you design the best unsubscribe landing pages in the crucial times of depleting email list sizes, our team has come up with a meticulous infographic on “Email Unsubscribe Best Practices”, depicting unsubscribe types, pitfalls and best practices with the most outstanding unsubscribe examples from across various industries.

Below is the image version of the infographic. do not forget considering sharing it and letting us know your feedback in the comments on the infographic.

Email Unsubscribe Best Practices Infographic

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