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When a subscriber is truly done engaging with your emails, they start looking at the marketer’s nightmare – a link to unsubscribe. At a point where they have decided to opt-out, the most you can do, is take a chance by giving them a reason to stay! However some companies believe that unsubscribes must be quick and easy. Marketers opt from the simplest to the most thoughtful and creative ways, for their unsubscribe pages.

Monks bring you some of the best unsubscribe email template examples we encountered.  See for yourself, what is peculiar about them; along with a few other unsubscribe page ideas.

1. Setting up preferences!

The most prescribed unsubscribe landing pages generally include preference centers for both email frequency and type of content in their emails. The EmailMonks unsubscribe as well requests frequency and type of content preferences on the landing page, with a question- “Hi there, do you wanna leave us and go, seriously?” This helps earn a subscriber’s second thought and probably even make them stay! Our demo unsubscribe landing page shall walk you through the process, click on the image here for the same!

Email Monks Unsubscribe email template

2. One Click Unsubscribe!

This is a message that goes with KISSmetrics’ one click unsubscribe with sharp statements and a clarification. There are no chances to re-subscribe, but it’s good in a way to follow legal rules.

KISSmetrics Unsubscribe email template

3. Keep it short and simple!

This unsubscribe landing page by Abercrombie & Fitch stands out because of its monotone. It simply asks for the email id to be unsubscribed.

A&F Unsubscribe email template

4. H&M has kept it extremely short and simple by merging checkboxes for receiving emails or unsubscribe, with not many options, making the entire process very brief.

H&M Unsubscribe email template

5. Unsubscribe with a video! If not emails, there is social too!

Hubspot’s unsubscribe made it to the ‘best unsubscribe ever’ with an amazing video on the landing page with this message. Another way it stands out is, that it points out to the subscribers to keep in touch on social platforms if not the email subscription.


HubSpot Unsubscribe email template


Interactive emails see less unsubscribes

Email marketers have observed less unsubscribe complaints when including interactivity in their emails. Check out how interactive email advancements boost user engagement.


6. Adding humor to your unsubscribe!

Groupon’s ‘Punish Derrick’ unsubscribe generated quite a stir with its funny video that punishes Derrick for his folly of sending an email the subscriber did not like, followed by an immediate closing screen that reads- “That was pretty mean… I hope you are happy. Want to make it up to Derrick? Resubscribe!” Surely a creative marketer’s way!

Groupon Unsubscribe email template

7. Unsubscribing? You’ll miss out on a few things!

This unsubscribe landing page by Alibris uses content that points towards what the subscribers are likely to miss on if they decide to unsubscribe. However, their content also implies that they value the subscriber’s decision, making them feel considered and thus more likely to change their mind!

Alibris Unsubscribe email template

8. Unsubscribe with a ‘Did you know?’ alongside!

COSTCO’s unsubscribe showcases a ‘Did you know?’ box on the side containing the links to benefits, security assurance and preferences to the COSTCO subscription. The use of words ‘You’re in control!’ makes the subscriber feel that they can still continue with their final decision.

Costco Unsubscribe

9. Let us know your preferences (Frequency)!

Most good companies go for this approach seeking approvals from their subscribers regarding the frequency of mails they would prefer. This helps serve the subscribers exactly in the quantum they need. Bonobos has incorporated this approach along with delightfully cheesy implications to them, increasing the subscriber’s chances to stay!

Bonobos Unsubscribe

10. Let us know your preferences (Types of Subscriptions)!

A few big companies like HP here, also opt for an unsubscribe form listing all their editorials with check boxes alongside for the subscriber to decide if they still want to stay subscribed to different types of information.

HP Unsubscribe

11. Preference center links with what do they have to offer.

JETSETTTER’s unsubscribe page has a neat table containing various email frequencies with a short description about what to expect from each one of them.

unsubscribe email templates - Jetsetter Email Preference

12. Unsubscribe with an optional feedback!

Nordstrom’s unsubscribe allows the subscriber to unsubscribe in the first half of the page, requesting a feedback from the subscribers and clearly stating that it is an optional feedback. This helps you gain an understanding of why are they choosing to unsubscribe!

Nordstrom unsubscribe email templates


Other creative ideas that can be incorporated to design unsubscribe landing pages, are as follows:

1. Blending past behavior with rational reasons to stay back!

Example: A future sneak peak – Larger than life heaven’s preview in email or landing page.

2. Real time personalization on unsubscribe page!


  • Sand clock – “Dying in your separation, 8 seconds to bring us back to life” – Resubscribe
  • You left a time bomb! Tick Tick Tick, It’s dreadful, Save us – 10,9,8….2 Resubscribe and a few seconds later… 1 Blast!!
  • It is 7.00 AM in Sydney, our email manager hasn’t woke up yet and you are about to spoil his day. Unsubscribe later as he wakes up? No?

3. Showing the loss in humorous way using a funny image.


“No longer want to receive insightful blog updates? Well, you can leave us for sure, but half knowledge is a dangerous thing! :P”

4. A rude unsubscribe page (NOT PREFERRED)

Example: Bye Loser, You suck!

Incorporate these interesting or crazy ideas to your businesses’ unsubscribe landing page, to be able to make those priceless subscribers stay! …AND stay tuned with us as we are very close to launching our own Infographic about UNSUBSCRIBE Best Practices… Hallelujah!

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