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Delving Into the Cardinal Commandments of Landing Page Design

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Can you hear that “not-so-pleasant” sound? Well, it is of viewers bouncing away from your website without doing what you wanted them to do – BUY. An effective landing page helps you to turn that unpleasant tune into a melodious song and convert your viewers into loyal customers.  Make the best use of landing page elements to build your brand and boost business growth.

It isn’t an accident to be able to sell well online. It happens only if you can convince the visitors on your landing page to take the desired action. All your efforts should be zeroed down to the little while for which the visitors stay on your page. During those evanescent moments, you have to bring to life all the persuasive tools that can help you achieve your goals.

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Monks have delved into the fundamentals of highest converting landing pages and come up with the most important tips for landing page design.

Let’s have a look at those landing page ideas in a nutshell.

  • First and foremost, email campaign specific landing pages can give your revenue an unbelievable surge.
  • Headlines have an inherent power of instant attraction. Make sure it is compelling enough to draw attention. Sub-headlines support the headline and engage the visitor further.
  • Brevity is the key to sustain the interest of visitors. Visually appealing images along with concise explanations give them a clear idea of your product or service.
  • A prominent CTA button backed with an engaging copy does the remaining trick and converts visitors into leads.
  • Another basic rule of highest converting landing pages is that they should not have any navigation bar or external links distracting the visitors.
  • Last but not the least, A/B testing plays the most important role in the design of any landing page.

Make your landing page a delightful experience for visitors by guiding them to the answers they could be seeking. That can get you closer to your conversion targets.

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