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Email Design October 10, 2017
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As the holiday season approaches, you must have already set up your triggered email campaigns. The success of your campaigns depends on how you set your brand apart from the compet...
Email Marketing September 21, 2017
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As we race towards the fourth quarter of the year - the most crucial time for marketers- we see businesses gearing up to draw maximum conversions for their business. Irrespective o...
Email Design December 19, 2016
Personalized Images In Email Benefits
Humans, by nature, love it when they receive something that has been tailor-made for them. Be it an exclusive birthday gift, a customized vacation, or simply a personalized email. ...
Email Marketing October 14, 2016
Email Personalization_Campaign
Being recognized by someone you least expect is a great feeling. The same goes for Email Personalization. Getting a personalized email directly addressing you, does create a conver...
Email Inspirations July 25, 2016
email personalization examples
Email personalization has that Midas touch, which helps you STAND OUT as a brand in today's cluttered email marketing environment. A recent Read More