Here is the process on how you can upload your Templates, Emails and Newletters on few of the popular ESPs

CONSTANT CONTACT Integration Steps

  • a
    Login to your account.
  • b
    Click on Email after you have logged in.
  • c
    Click on Create an Email.
  • d
    Select option - Use the New Email Wizard and click Next.
  • e
    You will see a sidebar navigation on left side and lots of template on right side, go to the bottom of navigation of sidebar - Want to use your own code? and click Next.
  • f
    Enter Email Name - This will be used for your reference - and click Next.
  • g
    Choose email format as HTML and click Next.
  • h
    Enter Subject, From name, from email address, reply to address, keep permission reminder off/on, tick on webpage version and click Next.
  • i
    Now in sidebar, click Advanced Editor.
  • j
    Copy the HTML code from last saved as in step 5 and paste it to the Editor window.
  • k
    By replacing the present code in editor.
  • l
    Click on Save & Return.
  • m
    Click on Next.
  • n
    You can preview and test or by clicking Save & next you can choose the list to send.

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